Level playing field a pre-requisite for free and fair elections: Khar


Former Foreign Minister and PPP leader Hina Rabbani Khar said on Sunday that a level playing field is a pre-requisite for free and fair elections.

Talking to Radio Pakistan, Hina Rabbani Khar pointed out that a hindrance is being created by terrorist outfits.

She said those sitting on the “right” side are running their election campaign freely while PPP, MQM and ANP were the only ones being targeted.

To a question regarding what the PPP government did during its tenure of 5 years, she said dictatorship had destroyed all the institutions of the country.

“But despite our limitations we took number of initiatives on legal and administrative fronts to fight terror effectively,” he said.

Bushra Gohar of ANP claimed that elections were being held only in Punjab whereas selection is being done in the rest of three provinces.

She said voters’ turn out in the elections would be low in the other three provinces because of security threats.

She said leaflets were being distributed to warn our workers against going to polling stations.

Pakistan Human Rights Watch Director Ali Dayan said casting of vote was all the more necessary as terrorists wanted to destabilise the state of Pakistan.

He said voters should come out of their homes on May 11 to foil the designs of the terrorists to harm democracy and the democratic institutions.

To a question, he said teachers and professors were refusing to perform election day duties in Balochistan because of fear of losing their lives.