PML-N is subjecting tigers to cruelty: WWF


The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has lodged a complaint with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) against the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) accusing the party of animal cruelty.

According to details, the WWF complained to the election watchdog that the PML-N was parading tigers around in cages at their rallies in extreme heat, endangering the lives of the animals and subjecting them to torture.


  1. They should also check on the sad and deteriorating condition of the animals that are left at the Karachi Zoo.

  2. Very soon Pakistanis will be replacing tigers with Shariffs in cages, although as much as we would all like to but we will not be parading them,

    Shariffs better prepare to run from Pakistani Khoom.


  3. The PML-N is not only parading tigers around in cages at their rallies but also campaigning by chaining white tigers to the top of pick-up trucks and driving around the city.

    I wonder if I can upload a picture to show the latter?

  4. How can these idiot brothers hope to rule Pakistan again. They should be in the cage.

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