PML-N being given relief by the courts: Aitzaz


Former president Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan said on Saturday that PML-N is being given relief from the courts.

While talking to journalists outside Lahore High Court on Saturday, he said, “We appeared before the court in the case regarding the advertisement related to the conversation between Shahbaz Sharif and Justice (r) Abdul Qayyum and gave detailed and cogent arguments. We inquired as to why the case was being heard all of a sudden; which magic wand does Shahbaz Sharif possess that his case is being heard immediately and a stay order has also been issued. We had brought tapes of the conversation in the court but the counsels for Sharif brothers said that they are withdrawing the case.”

He said that ever since these tapes had become public 12 years ago no objection has ever been raised then why is the PML-N raising issues today.

He went on to say that the election commission had no power to stop the screening of this advertisement.

“Nawaz League has fully retreated from the courts. Shahbaz Sharif’s eligibility can also be challenged in the Asghar Khan case,” he said.

“In the NRO cases our prime minister was sacked immediately and the second one was summoned forthwith but no action is being taken against those involved in the Asghar Khan case despite the fact that the Supreme Court has ordered that the money involved should be recovered,” he said.

“Courts are giving relief to PML-N,” he added.

PPP leader Latif Khosa said that the petition filed in the Lahore High Court should not have been admitted as legal formalities had not been met therein.

“There are separate laws for Sharif brothers and separate for the PPP,” Khosa alleged.