Safety first, says naval chief


The naval operations must be bold, innovative, pragmatic and yet safe and efficient, said Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Mohammad Asif Sandila on the occasion of the Pakistan Navy’s Annual Safety Review on Thursday.

Sandila was the chief guest at the Pakistan Navy’s Annual Safety Review for the year 2012 held at Bahria Auditorium. The Pakistan Navy conducts the safety review every year.

Addressing the participants, Sandila expressed his satisfaction over the positive change of enhanced safety culture within the Pakistan Navy. “Safety and operational preparedness complement each other in the optimum execution of naval operations. We cannot afford to put the precious lives to harm and lose costly equipment by ignoring safety rules,” he said.

The naval chief said safety measures should be adopted as a habit so that the future generations take safety as a by-product of good performance.

“We are a developing country and the nation is spending a significant amount of its resources to support the armed forces, so we must be mindful to this fact and avoid any lost or waste of equipment in our daily work,” Sandila stressed.