Pakistan, Afghan forces in high-stakes clash along border


An Afghan border policeman was killed and two Pakistani soldiers were wounded in an exchange of fire along the Pak-Afghan border late on Wednesday, officials from both countries said.

A senior Afghan official said hundreds of additional Afghan troops were sent to a disputed border gate after the exchange of fire, which lasted for more than two hours.

A Pakistani military source said the shooting was sparked by an attack on a Pakistani checkpost. The senior Afghan official said trouble started after Pakistani troops attempted to fortify the border gate.

Two Afghan border policemen were wounded.

Afghanistan has grown increasingly frustrated with Pakistan over efforts to pursue an Afghan peace process involving the Taliban, suggesting that Islamabad is intent on keep Afghanistan unstable.

Afghan officials say Pakistan has a long history of supporting Afghanistan’s Taliban and other insurgent factions.

Pakistan has in turn accused Afghanistan of giving safe haven to militants on the Afghan side of the border.

The latest tensions are focused on Pakistan’s building of a military gate which Afghan officials claim is inside Afghanistan.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has ordered his top officials to take immediate action to remove the gate and other “Pakistani military installations near the Durand Line”.

The Durand Line is the 1893 British-mandated border between the two countries. It is recognised by Pakistan, but not by Afghanistan.

Afghanistan maintains that activity by either side along the Durand Line must be approved by both countries.


  1. We should look to the background of both nations:
    Who is blame and who is not? Anyway, it is an islamic job of every nation and every person to do defend from their own right and own land. In that case, why Pakistan wanted to attack Afghanistan? So, from my point of view that is their right to do defend from their land and do defeat who want to occupy their land.

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