Man commits suicide after killing three of his family members


A man allegedly committed suicide after murdering his wife and two daughters in Sector I-10 on Wednesday in the vicinity of Sabzimandi Police Station.

According to the police, Afzal Raza, who was in his mid-40s, first killed his wife Numi Raza and then shot his daughters Yasra Raza (16) and Fatima Raza (14) in their head. “It seems Afzal committed suicide after killing his family members, but we are investigating other aspects of the case as well,” said Superintended of Police (SP) Ishfaq Ahmed while talking to the Pakistan Today.

The police said Afzal had also brought his 12-year-old son Ahmed Raza from the madrassah where he was studying but then asked him to stay outside the house for a while.

Investigators were yet ascertaining if Ahmed was brought before killing the rest of the family members or Afzal had already killed them and then brought Ahmed home and lastly shot himself dead.

The police are yet clueless why Afzal killed his family and then committed suicide. Afzal was running a small shop of commuter accessories and spare parts. Afzal had shifted with his family to Islamabad only a year ago from his native village in Chakwal.

Sources said tensions were running high between Afzal and his wife over financial matters. They said Afzal made a phone call to his brother-in-law to come to his place, but by the time he reached there he found everyone dead, except Ahmed.

According to the police, Ahmed, a class VII student, said his father entered the house saying that everything had been ruined and then he heard fire shots. “When I entered the house, I found everyone dead”.

Inspector General of Police Bani-Amin Khan and the senior superintendent of police rushed to the crime scene with area police officers.

Sources told the Pakistan Today that Afzal had sent a text message to his friend, telling him that it was the last message he was sending out. However, the police did not share about this message with the media. “We have taken Afzal’s cell phone in custody, but nothing can be said before the completion of investigation,” said the IGP during his brief talk with reporters on the crime scene.

SP Ishfaq Ahmed told the Pakistan Today that it appeared that Afzal committed suicide after killing three of his family members. “All the victims have been shot in their head from a very close range with the same pistol,” adding that Ahmed also said that his father had killed the three family members.

The Sabzimandi Police Station duty officer said forensic information was being collected from the crime scene. “The bodies of the victims have been shifted to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Institutions for an autopsy.”


  1. yes the whole mystery is what happened btw he took his son from madrasa…perhaps some one else killed his family and knew where he keeps his pistol..used it n afzal couldnt take it so he killed him let us know wht happened ?wht exactly was the motive.i knew them personaly and they wernt like it.they hav been through thick and thin…worse than tht..but they survived.they loved each other.

  2. Hey Farha .. Who R U ?? I Also Knew Them Personally as a Family Friend Because They Are Our Neighbors In Karachi Since 60 Years ..

    • Hi Yawar
      can you please tell me if you know or any idea what would have happended?

      They were living in punjab colony karachi, where do u live?

      Do you know why they moved to Islamabad?

      Any idea?

      please let me know its a mestry for all

      they were loving family.

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