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Imran Khan clarifies stance on Ahmadis

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday issued a statement saying that the “PTI totally subscribes to the article in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on the Ahmadis. It is not part of the PTI agenda to seek amendment of the said article in the Constitution.”

The PTI Chairman was referring to article 260-3 of the Constitution that declared Ahmadis non-Muslims. Additionally, Articles 298-B and 298-C prohibit Ahmadis from posing as Muslims, calling their faith Islam, proselytising, or “in any manner whatsoever” offending the religious feelings of Muslims.

This clarification came in response to a video clip that surfaced on social media, showing a woman named Nadia Ramzan Chaudhry in a meeting with Mirza Masroor Ahmad, spiritual leader of the Ahmadi community, in UK. According to the video, Chaudhry especially asked for Ahmadi votes on behalf of the PTI.

Khan denied any links with the woman and said that it would be against the Representation of the People Act, 1976 and instructions of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to ask for votes in this manner.

“This is a political conspiracy against me as a person and PTI as a party,” said Khan

In the press release, he added that “Those Ulema who label me as kafir and tell people that voting for PTI is haram in their fatwas would have been better advised to follow the rules of giving fatwas and ascertained my belief before issuing the same.”

Khan also voiced his belief in the finality of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


  1. Tariq said:

    Thats why Taliban are with Imran. He can't dare to say something fair and just.

    • pankajdehlavi said:

      True face of Imran is slowly unfolding. …..This man has taken many U-turns in last few days…. I hope this man would not turn out to be biggest disappointment ………..

    • Zahid said:

      Main load shedding khatum karonga in 6 months verna maira naam shahbaz shareef nahee.
      mian load shedding eik saal main khatum karonga verna maira naam shahbaz sharif nahee
      main load shedding do saal main khatum karonga verna mara name shahnaz sharif nahee..

      so shahbaz sahib, you have lost your name since we still have load shedding… You need to pick a different name and please do it soon before we pick it up for you…

  2. Babbi Butt said:

    Movement for Justice ! Support the Extremists and not the persecuted. Minorities shouldn’t expect anything different from Hypocrites in Pakistan !!!

    10 Characteristics of Good Muslims in Pakistan:

    1)Good Muslims behead innocent people in the name of Islam
    2)Good Muslims Shoot little girls when they go to School and Burn their Schools
    3)Good Muslims imprison their women in their homes while men are free to commit all kind of sins
    4)A Good Muslim ruthlessly murders in the name of Islam and is called Ghazi and Suicide Bombers are called Shaheed
    5)Good Muslims burn the minorities alive in their homes, Mosques, Temples and where ever they pray
    6)A good Muslim is the one everyone should be afraid of rather than come to learn Islam
    7)Good Muslims strongly believe that Islam is not for Peace it is for Blood Thirsty Mullahs only
    8)Good Muslims don’t need anyone to defame Islam, they are doing the job themselves
    9)Good Muslims take innocent lives to go to Jannah “Heaven”
    10)Above All, good Muslims are not answerable to anyone, not even Allah

    Thank god, by Pakistani standards, Ahmadis are not Muslims.

  3. Dr.M.M.Khan said:

    Don't worry Imran. Your opponents are going try to drag you to the gutter level but they are not going to succeed this time. This is a elecion for all in Pakistan. This is not about religion. Keep your chin up. Don't become the hunted. Keep your focus! Desperate people resort to desperate tactics.

  4. KTShamim said:

    How sad. Imran Khan also said in the press release that the video is fake. This news article failed to mention that fact.

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