24 polling stations in the capital declared ‘extremely sensitive’

  • Elderly, deaf, handicapped will be able to cast their votes first


Twenty-four polling stations have been declared extremely sensitive while 65 are declared sensitive in the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) final security plan announced for the capital.

The ECP has decided to set up 70 check posts at entrance and exit points of the capital and 18 check posts in the city. Sources in the ECP said that 11 armored personnel carriers, 65 motorcycles, and 15 mobile vans will patrol the city, along with 7,000 deployed security personnel on May 11. They also said the Pakistan army would be on the alert to quickly respond to any emergency with 30,000 soldiers readily available for deployment.

According to the plan, all the security personnel will be deployed across the country on May 10.

People will vote for two National Assembly seats – NA-48 and NA-49 – in Islamabad.


ECP Rawalpindi District Returning Officer Syed Maroof Ali Shah has approved the final list of polling stations in the Rawalpindi district for the coming elections.

According to the plan, about 263,120 voters would exercise their right to vote for 6 national and 14 provincial seats in Rawalpindi, while 180,000 officials would perform their duties during the elections. There would be 2,149 polling stations in the district.


The ECP has directed polling staff members to facilitate the elderly, deaf and special persons by allowing them to vote first.

The ECP has directed to facilitate pregnant women so that they do not have to wait for long to exercise their right to vote.

The commission said religious minorities might face discriminatory treatment at certain polling stations. “The polling staff must not discriminatorily treat anyone,” the commissioned issued the direction.