PTI to stop operations in Balochistan: Imran


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday said after coming into power his party would abolish military operations in Balochistan, adding that bullets do not solve problems.
Addressing an election rally at Loralai, he said PTI would transform the country into a welfare state, where justice would be dispensed without discrimination.
He said local government polls would be held in the country as soon as possible. “We would not allocate development funds to any member of parliament but would empower local bodies,” Khan added.
The PTI chief said the biggest issue facing Pakistan is terrorism, which would be dealt with mutual consultation.
He further said PTI would implement a uniform education curriculum throughout the country.
Khan said people would lay the foundation stone of a “New Pakistan” on 11th May. He urged the youth to come out of their homes on election-day and cast their votes.
Meanwhile, talking to a private television channel, Khan said his party did not believe in personal attacks on opponents, but agenda debates between political leadership was a democratic tradition, followed in all democratic societies including western countries.
He said he had invited Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chief Nawaz Sharif for such a debate, focusing on party manifestos, in compliance with democratic norms.
He said PTI had, and continues to condemn terrorist attacks that killed innocent people. “We condemn violence against any political party and their workers,” he stated.
Responding to a question, Khan said he had offered his services for mediation to resolve matters with Taliban through dialogue, but the ruling elite in the previous government was not serious about his offer.
The PTI chief said his party still believed in negotiation and political solutions to the plague of terrorism.
Khan said his election campaign would gain further momentum as the election draws closer, adding that PTI will conclude its campaign at the federal capital.