Police’s crime control claims unmatched with rising street crime


The Rawalpindi police have claimed of apprehending several criminals and taking in possession illegal weapons and drugs, but residents of RA Bazaar say street crime is dramatically rising in their area and the police are taking no action.


According to the police, 29 criminals, including 11 gamblers, have been arrested by them. They claimed that 460 grammes of hashish, 27 bottles of liquor, 30 pistols of 30-bore, eight rounds of bullets, one 9mm pistol, one 32-bore revolver, one Kalashnikov with 15 rounds and one stolen Mehran car have been seized from the possession of the accused.

The rise in street crime has caused great concern among the residents of RA Bazaar. They said the area police were not taking action but remained a “silent spectator” in the wake of rising crime. They said criminals were depriving the residents of valuables, especially in the areas of Tanch Bhatta, Peoples Colony and Chungi no. 22.

The RA Bazaar residents urged the Rawalpindi capital city police officer to take strict action and check the rising crime.