CFO’s murder mystery deepens


The police high-ups have directed investigators not to issue any statement over the suspicious killing of a family in DHA Phase-IV the other day.
Abdul Wajid Durani, Chief Finance Officer (CFO) of Sanghar Sugar Mills, his wife Wajiha and three minor children including two sons Rehan, 11, Aris, 04, and a daughter Rameen 9 were found dead in a Bungalow No 81/3, DHA Phase IV on Tuesday. After visiting the crime scene, the police officers had issued a statement that it was murder-cum-suicide case. The police said the CFO killed his wife and three children, and later committed suicide. The dead bodies of the CFO’s wife and his three children were recovered from one room while his body was found from another room.
However, the investigators believed the family was murdered and it was not a murder-cum-suicide case. A police officer, seeking anonymity, told Pakistan Today that a number of questions arose when they started probe into the matter.
The room where the CFO was found dead was locked from outside, the policeman said, adding if the CFO would have committed suicide after killing his wife and children, then he should have locked his room from the inside. “It seems the killer murdered him and his family and locked the room from the outside,” he added.
“The house where the killings took place is situated in the area where there is no empty plot and there are houses at both sides of the crime scene, but interestingly no one heard gun shots from the house. The CFO’s cook serving him for the last one year was also present in the house. But he also claimed that he did not hear any gun shots,” the cop maintained.
“The CFO was living in the house alone as his wife and children were residing abroad. They use to visit Pakistan frequently during break in academic years. They arrived in Pakistan just a few days ago to spend time with Durrani”, the officer further commented.
Another police officer said that the cook and father of Wajid Durani came to the police station and informed them that Wajid and his family were murdered by someone. When police reached the spot, the CFO’s wife and children were found dead in one room while the CFO was found dead in another room.
The cook told police that the CFO asked him the night before not to prepare dinner as they would eat outside. He told police that he went to his room and slept, and had no idea when the family came back. “I received a phone call from an unknown person who introduced himself as Shamim. He said the CFO was not attending his call and asked me to tell him about him (Shamim)”, the cop quoted the cook as having said.
The cook claimed he never gave his cell number to Shamim, rather he talked to him for the first time in his life. He further told police that after some time CFO’s father also arrived there, and when they opened the door they found the whole family dead.
The police officer further told that the CFO sent an email to many friends wherein he expressed his desperation over some issue. But it was beyond our thinking that why a man murdered his family and later committed suicide without a justifiable reason, the officer wondered.
“We have been directed by our high-ups not to issue any statement to media as the family has requested not to make this incident public,” Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) South Nasir Aftab told Pakistan Today. “The investigations are underway and they are hopeful of reaching the bottom of the whole incident,” he added. “At this point, all we know is the CFO murdered his family and later committed suicide,” he reiterated.


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