Malik records statement in BB murder case


Former interior minister Rehman Malik on Tuesday recorded his statement with the joint investigation team in the Benazir Bhutto murder case.

In his statement, Malik said former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf was responsible for providing security to Benaizr.

He said he had met Musharraf several times and had written numerous letters seeking security for her, adding, however, that the former president and the government did not provide the required security.


  1. There was an adequate security provided to BB with a bullet proof Car and so many security personnel to protect the lady. Who told her to get up through the Sunroof of the car and wave to people? Neither Rehman Malik nor other security personnel advised BB to do that act In my view the BB was responsible for her own death. Knowing that her life was threatened why she did not carry out the precautions? No point blaming Gen Musharraf because he was not directly or indirectly responsible for here death because the security personnel were to be blamed. Zardari knows her killers why can't he comes in the court and give his input.?

    • "Who told her to get up through the Sunroof of the car and wave to people?"

      Figure that out and you solve the murder 😉

  2. She was told several times not to go out there,she was told there were threats,yet she chose to go out and get shot,and then the PPP blamed everyone else for their own stupidity and poor decision making.

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