Imran promises Islamic welfare state once in power


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PIT) Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday vowed to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state in the true sense of the word, where everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims, would have their due rights.

Addressing a rally of thousands in Piplan Town of Mianwali, Khan said politics of regionalism would be buried and there would only be one nation for which Pakistan was created.

He said the country would be purged of politics of cast and creed once the PTI came to power.

“We will together steer Pakistan towards the road to prosperity by eliminating corruption,” the PTI chief said.

He said corruption was the major hurdle in the way of a prosperous Pakistan, adding that the dream of a prosperous Pakistan could not materialise until and unless corruption was totally eradicated.

He said the PTI would introduce a system of justice and humanity, if voted to power, adding that job opportunities for the youth would be created and the country would be freed from the clutches of the United States.

The PTI chief reiterated that a tsunami would be witnessed on May 11, asking the people to be prepared to cast their votes on May 11 to bring in an economic revolution in the country.

Criticising the past governments in Punjab, he said they had enjoyed five terms in office but had changed nothing.

“What can they change now?” Khan asked the voters, urging them to use their right to vote carefully.

Khan said in the last five years in Punjab, 40,000 people were killed‚ 70,000 were abducted and 128,000 incidents of thefts were recorded, adding that 1,260 police officials had been deployed for the security of the Sharifs, which had cost Rs 2 billion to the national exchequer.


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