Imran Khan proved himself a coward, twice: Shahbaz


Former Punjab chief minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Shahbaz Sharif on Tuesday said that Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan had backed out from his word twice and yet he blamed PML-N of being scared of him.

Addressing a press conference, Shahbaz said that Imran had earlier announced that he would contest elections from the same constituency as Nawaz Sharif but he had retreated.

“On another occasion, Khan sahib raised corruption charges against us regarding Metro bus but when Transparency International investigated the issue; Khan did not respond,” Shahbaz said.

“He has participated in eight elections in total and lost in all eight of those,” Sharif remarked.

“How can he not criticize the federal government and Zardari who resorted to corruption, load shedding and has been involved in rental power cases?” he questioned Khan who has repeatedly blamed Sharif’s of corruption during their rule.

Sharif further stated that he believed the arrow, cycle and bat had joined forces ahead of the polls.

Earlier, Imran Khan had challenged PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif to a live TV debate and said Sharif should not fear the confrontation if he was a true leader.


  1. Finally the lion of Lahore has roared but he does not want to get in to the cage with Imran. Come on let us have a TV debate. What have you got to lose? You are better than your brother.

  2. Main load shedding khatum karonha in 6 months verna maira naam shahbaz shareef nahee.
    mian load shedding eik saal main khatum karonga verna maira naam shahbaz sharif nahee
    main load shedding do saal main khatum karonga verna mara name shahnaz sharif nahee..

    so shahbaz sahib, you have lost your name since we still have load shedding… You need to pick a different name and please do it soon before we pick it up for you…

  3. For all those half hearted supporters of PTI, shouldn't you worry about why Imran Khan has gone quite on parties like MQM and PPP who have wronged the people of Pakistan on so many levels. Imran clearly has a lot of answer for since he has not stuck to his guns on condemning the actual wrong doers and has decided to turn his guns on a party which is perhaps not perfect but is perhaps the only party in our recent history that has delivered growth and stability. Imran Khan as a person is perhaps a good sign, but majority of his party members are half-bred losers who have defaulted on their own parties and have joined Imran's band wagon for point scoring. If he was a true leader, he would set a criteria on who can join, not just pick up anyone who is willing to stand next to him.
    The way Imran is behaving in terms of targeting only the Sharif's shows a deeper flaw in him which makes him unfit as a leader. He needs to grow up a bit more before he should be given the reins of a country that is already in a fragile state of affairs.

    • KC-10, its only unfair to call imran immature when he is the only person around who accepts who he is and owns his past..
      He does not need to criticise PPP because jiyalas do not ever deny indulding in corruption, has Zardari ever denied him not being corrupt? has Gilani and his comrades the nerve to accept even the allegations and offer themselves for an impartial probe…i think not

      the real problem is the so-called lions who claim they are holy cows and have done nothing wrong ever
      it was not PPP or MQM who violated the process by installing Musharraf COAS out of turn and then trying to remove him while he was away, It was the wadda lion,

      Development my ass, lahore's cavalry ground bridge was built so that khadim-e-ala could visit his wife with ease, billions have been earned by the Sharifs through the railings and other iron installations along the metro route and still they are the ones who ushered development

      wake up buddy wake up

  4. If there is ANY LAW in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN both you and Imran can not contest polls

  5. You left Pakistan denying any agreement with Musharraf only to admit it when your guarantor showed up in Pakistan waving 10 year agreement. The list of your guarantors includes everyone from Saudi Arabia to TTP. You cannot accuse someone for something you do with impunity because you know you have friends in high places.

  6. I can see why Imran despises these two. Zardari is 1000 times better than them because he is not double faced like these. They think they are above the intellect of others and can pull off any fraud without people realizing. Mian saaaaab jaaan deoo.

  7. Sharif family has no business calling someone else a coward when they themselves tucked their tail between their legs and ran away from the country. Atleast zardari stayed here even if it was in jail. Not that zardari is any better but he is still a better option than the Sharif family.These brother may have forgotten their past but I hope the people of Pakistan remember. Sharif will destroy whatever is left of Pakistan now.

  8. Psycho…their constant lies and habit of twisting the facts,,,,its bizarre yar…Clean Pak Land from these Sharif Brothers plz

  9. These two brothers are a curse on our nation, they have done nothing but steal like jackals, they have destroyed our nation, they are incompetent and deserve be thrown out like dogs.

  10. Sharif brother gave the above statement from his $10 million dollar property in Raiwind -shortly after arriving in his private JET while 200 government paid officers provided him security.

  11. miaan saaab! if standing up to ones principals makes him a coward, what does that make you?
    Secondly, its all about the tactics of the game. If you knew anything about how sports are played, you would know what this man is up to!
    Kot Lakh Path jail saaf karwana shuroo kardo!

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