4-party ‘right-wing’ alliance accuses PPP, MQM, ANP for Karachi violence


A four-party ‘right-wing’ electoral alliance on Monday demanded the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) call in the Pakistan Army to take control of the violence-hit port city of Karachi ahead of the May 11 polls.

The army, they said, would need to stay here until the electoral process was completed.

“We need the army deployment at polling stations in the city to ensure peaceful holding of election,” was the joint demand of the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), the PML-N, the Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Pakistan (JUP) and the JUI-F at a joint press conference held here at the JI’s head office.

All the political parties leaning towards the right agreed on holding elections after deployment of the army at all polling stations. They said there were just 10 days left in the elections but the situation in the city was deteriorating day by day, which the army alone could control.

They accused the fresh alliance of the former coalition partners, the PPP, the MQM and the ANP, for the deteriorating peace in the metropolis.

“Ahead of the polls, the electoral process is being sabotaged through bomb blasts, torching of election offices of political parties and kidnapping of political workers to torture them on a larger scale,” said JI Karachi leader Muhammad Hussain Mehanti.

“Postponement of elections is the wish and agenda of external forcers and unfortunately some anti-Pakistan elements are playing are helping them,” he said, adding that the incessant bomb blasts were a conspiracy to delay the polls.

Mehanti said the terrorists were transporting bombs from one part of the country to another but the law enforcement agencies were not doing anything to stop them.

He appealed to the chief election commissioner to call in the army to take over the city until the holding of the elections and urged the ECP to write a letter to the armed forces to salvage Karachi from terror.

“Karachi must be declared ‘sensitive’ for holding of peaceful, fair and transparent elections and stationing of army personal at each and every polling booth must be ordered,” he demanded.

Crying foul, Mehanati said his party’s workers had been targeted and his party’s flags and election banners were forcefully being removed in several parts of the city.

“The three-party alliance is dividing the city by accusing the right-wing political parties for violence against them,” he alleged.

PML-N General Secretary Saleem Zia said the ECP should impose its own rules for elections campaigns in the Defence Housing Authority’s residential phases where election campaigns were not allowed.

“The DHA bans promotional election drive by political parties in its all eight phases as no election banners, posters, party flags and corner meetings are allowed there,” he said.

He demanded the ECP impose its rules and constitutional requirements for polls also in NA-250, adding that it was not possible for political parties to carry out a door-to-door campaign.

The chief of JUI-F Karachi chapter, Qari Muhammad Usman said, “There were just 10 days left in the election,” and demanded the ECP ask the army to take over the city to help hold polls, independently and peacefully.

He said the last blast at the ANP’s political gathering in the city’s outskirt – Mominabad – had killed none of the party’s workers but all were innocent citizens. He alleged that neither the government nor the ANP had inquired after the victims, adding that the ECP’s role seemed “suspicious” at present.

Head of the JUP, Owais Noorani said, “The three left-wing party alliance is known for its role in worsening law and order in the city,” and urged the public to return to right-wing parties who supported peace in prosperity in the city.

He hoped that the ECP would accept their demands laid by the four-party alliance.


  1. During Afghan war all these right wing parties were together under Zia and now they are together under TTP.

  2. Even the blast outside MQM's "closed office", the bike that was used belonged to an MQM activist! They are known thugs and tyring to get the "pity" vote like PPP last time through the "murder" of Benazir Bhutto

  3. MQM holds the record of a party which is least questioned by the public and talked about in the media. Not a single journalist dares to talk about the cruelty of the MQM regime and the lies they brag all the time. Altaf Hussain, the Bhai, has set up a colossal network of terrorists to shut every mouth that talks against them.
    I am quite surprised how Altaf Hussain just keeps on saying things without anybody being able to question them. Karachi has been turned into a place similar to sixteenth century Boston where killing and lawlessness was everywhere and yet no one bothers to know the people who are behind the massacre. Here are some Altaf Bhai jokes that might enable you to think what is being fed to the people from a person who doesn’t even belong to this country:
    Altaf Hussain is a foreign national – A British national. Left Pakistan in 1992 and never returned since. It’s been almost 19 years since he fled and he still talks of being in the hearts of the Pakistanis who have never tried once to create suitable conditions for his safe return to Pakistan. Altaf Hussain also has a website of his for the people of Pakista nhttp://www.mqmuk.com/ “MQM UK” not MQM PAKISTAN. I wonder how he is motivating people to stand against government. Revolution can not be brought while sitting in luxury palaces and making merry.

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