PTI to end system of tyranny: Imran Khan


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Friday said his party’s mission was to make sure no one looted the national exchequer and to stop the stronger from tyrannising the weaker.

Addressing a public meeting here, Khan said, “For this, we are bringing a system which will make the stronger and the weaker equal in the eyes of law.”

Khan said in a corrupt political system, looters became presidents and prime ministers but “we are endeavouring for a new Pakistan which will be free of such a tyrannising system”.

He said the PTI would eradicate the cultures of thana and patwari from the country and pledged greater reforms.

“I have come here to rid the people of politics of patwaris. Villagers will themselves decide who should be appointed as an SHO in their area,” Khan said.

The PTI chief said he had traveled all over the world and knew how to bring about changes in the country, adding that he would introduce local body elections and empower people at the village level.

The PTI chief said “those robbers, who had been elected to the assemblies, will be sent to jail”.


    • HAHAA very funny, you are such a comedian. You know what he means and most of the population of Paklstan does. He is an educated and knowledgeable man. If anyone can run Pakistan Khan can In Shaa Allah. You should be supporting the Naaya Pakistan insted of making these silly comments. Our country is going through a very hard time and we need optomistic and hard work people to make a difference. All will happen on May 11 Ameen.

    • Ok smarty pants, what do u suggest? Do u hv an alternative, n pls for god's sake dont give rubbish by naming Nawaz n co… So tell us wot u suggest? The state that we r in is alsobecoz of idiots n traitors like u… Ok maybe traitor is a harsh word, but idiot definately…

  1. A true leader, a true patriot, one who truely believes in change and throwing these scoundrels and dishonorable people behind bars, where they belong. These people have brought nothing but misery to each and every Pakistani and are a curse on our nation. It is the duty of every brave and honest pakistani to stand up and be counted and stand with PTI. And inshallah, together, we will overcome all challanges.

    In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.

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