NA-48: May the best man win


All-important NA-48 constituency looking to be a rough fight between PTI, JI and PML-N. 

Muhammad Abid has been witnessing elections in NA-48 since 1985, but for the first time he is confused about who might win in this constituency.

Close competition is expected among the three former members of the National Assembly, including Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) leader Mian Aslam, former MNA Javed Hashmi and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Anjum Aqeel.

74-year-old, Abid, who runs a vegetable shop at G-7 said, “In the past, almost one month before the elections, one can tell who will emerge victorious. However, this time, no one is so sure.”

He said that he could not rule out the strong position of PML-N, as the party’s candidate was defending his seat in the constituency. At the same time, JI’s Mian Aslam, who could not contest in 2008 elections because his party boycotted the polls, won from this seat in 2002. At the same time, PTI heavyweight Hashmi, who has the support of thousands of people, could also not be ruled out either as a serious contender either.

Contrary to Abid’s claim, a youngster, Saqlain Hussain said that tough competition was expected between Mian Aslam and Javed Hashmi.


NA-48 is one of the two constituencies of the federal capital. For May 11 elections, almost every party has fielded its candidates for the constituency and a number of independent candidates are also in the race. However, there is no clear popularity of any particular party.

In 2002 general elections, JI’s Mian Aslam won this seat by defeating Pakistan People’s Party’s (PPP) heavyweight candidate Babar Awan. In 2008, Mian Aslam didn’t take part in the polls due to JI’s election boycott, which allowed PML-N’s Anjum Aqeel to win.

This constituency consists of both urban and rural areas. According to observers, in urban areas, Mian Aslam enjoys larger support than other candidates. While, PTI heavyweight Javed Hashmi has the support from many youngsters of both urban and rural areas.

On Friday evening Pir Jalal Uddin of Golra Sharif also pledged support for PTI. There are hundreds of their followers living in this constituency, who will have a strong vote in May 11 elections.

PML-N’s Anjum Aqeel, who defeated Dr Syed Israr Shah of PPP in 2008 polls, has lost his popularity to some extent in urban areas due to his alleged involvement in Rs 6 billion land fraud. However, belonging to the influential Khan family of Golra, he still enjoys a large following in rural areas of the constituency.

Although, PPP’s Faisal Butt is actively running his election campaign and enjoys support of the youth, yet given PPP’s history in this constituency, the signs do not look good for Butt.

Like other constituencies, in NA-48, the candidates have spent a huge amount of money for banners and pamphlets. Every visible nook and cranny of the city is plastered with banners of various political leaders. PPP’s candidate Faisal Butt is definitely ahead in the race for banner-plastering,

On Friday evening, PTI youngsters staged a car and motorcycle rally to motivate voters.  The rally started from sector G-11 and culminated at F-11. Dozens of Hashmi’s supporters participated in the rally.


  1. yes Zia, PML-N ll win and then all ur favourite N-league Matwalas ll book their next tickets to Thailand to have some babe fun all at the expense of Embassy of Pakistan!! May Hashmi win this InshAllah!!

  2. yes Insha Allah Hashmi will win… PTI will prove on election day so plz do not under estimate it.. till then analyse impartially on ground campaign..

    nawaz from islamabad NA-48

  3. If you want dignity and respect then vote PTI.
    If you want Pakistan to prosper, vote PTI.
    If you want a future for your children, vote PTI.
    If you care about the well being of Pakistan and want it to survive, vote PTI.
    If you want to be treated like slaves and second class citizens in your own country, then vote nawaz and co or ppp.
    If want to live like caged animals then vote nawaz and co or ppp.
    If you want your children to be destroyed by bombs, vote nawaz and co or ppp.

    Choose wisely, this may be your only chance.

    • For your sake and for the rest of the 190 million Pakistani's,I really hope you are right,remember that PTI hasn't proven anything yet,those are just promises,they haven't accomplished anything so far.Its not going to be an easy task,they have made some very big promises,hope they are not biting more then they can chew.Good luck to Pakistan,every vote counts,lets make a difference this time.

      • Everybody in Pakistan for the last five years regretted voting PPPP and PML-N into power. Why not vote for someone who has something to prove. PML-N kicked out Ayaz Amir a Die Hard supporter and clean politician from Chakwal thus awarding tickets to corrupt PML-Q. We already know PML-N is doing everything for the sake of getting into power they have no love lost for the poor people of Pakistan.

  4. I cant believe that after all the damage the PPP/PML have done that anyone could seriously think about voting for these crooks.

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