Ombudsman orders double pension to those above 75


Punjab Ombudsman Javed Mehmood has ordered the provincial Finance Department to issue instructions to the Punjab Accountant General for paying double pension to the people above the age of 75.

Mehmood has also ordered restoration of commuted portion of pension with all increases deducted at the time of retirement.

Some pensioners, who had crossed the age of 75, submitted applications to the ombudsman that at the time of their retirement 50 percent of their gratuity was deducted as commutation for 15 years, which had not been paid. At this, Mehmood directed Ombudsman Office Consultant Wazir Ahmad Qureshi to inquire into the matter. He sought a reply from the provincial Finance Department and the Punjab Accountant General.

The Finance Department was told that the Supreme Court had issued clear-cut instructions, which the department had refused to follow and provide relief to pensioners.

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  1. For those pensioners who received increases on gross pension before 1.12.2001, the pension would not be doubled at 75 years of age. Some pensioners may have to wait for more than 15 years before the commuted part of their pension is restored.

    In brief, upon restoration of commuted part, amount of pension should be equal on both parts (commuted and uncommuted). Alas, this benefit of restoration has been done away with from 1.12.2001.

    If any further clarification or example is required, please ask me at my email address [email protected]

    Agha Amir

    • Kindly intimate latest position of restoration of commuted pension. Whether final
      orders have been issued by the Superme Court and further the Finance Divn. Islamabad and further the Provincial Punjab FD has issued similar notification.Kindly reply. Ali Khan email address [email protected].

      • Dear Ali Khan

        By now you must have come to know that Federal Government has agreed to give increases on commuted part also so that upon restoration, the commuted part and the uncommuted part, both are equal along with increases. No arrears before date of restoration. Punjab government has however gone in appeal (47 cases as last known) to Supreme Court on very flimsy ground that SC orders relate to only Fed Government,and not to punjab. SC orders are still awaited. Agha Amir

    • Mr Amir
      please give us the details that why the difference will not be given with increase on commuted portion of pension. Thanks
      Nadeem Cheema

      • Dear Nadeem. The pensioners simply pleaded that upon restoration, both halves of pension (one commuted and the other not commuted) should be equal. They did not challenge the 2001 orders whereby future increases were not given on commuted part.

        So Tribunal ordered that yes upon restoration the commuted part should be equal to the uncommuted part, as increased from time to time.

        Pensioners did not appeal for arrears, so those arrears were not granted. As simple as that.

        Agha Amir

    • a.o.a
      sir, my grandfather had retired in 1965 he had got no cumite becoz than system did not avail so no he can get double pension… thanx he is 83 year old……..

      • Dear Furqan

        Pensioners in those days general got 25% pension surrendered against gratuity at Rs.120 probably for each rupee surrendered. In addition, they had the option of getting another 25% pension commuted.

        The 1985/6 orders allow restoration of both parts of pension surrendered (against gratuity and commutation) upon expiry of period for which the pension was surrendered.

        Give me more details and I may be able to help you in the matter.

        [email protected]
        [email protected]

        Agha Amir

  2. For Nadeem : The Tribunal held that full value for commuted pension had been received in advance for 15 or so years. So, the increases on that portion during that period was not a right of the pensioner.

    However, once the commuted part is restored, all increases for the period of commutation also became due but no arrears before the restoration date.

    All increases are therefore to be calculated up to the restoration date, but these would be payable only from the date of restoration onwards.

    Since this order of Tribunal was not challenged / opposed by the pensioners through appeal to the Supreme Court, the Tribunal orders have attained finality.

    For Ali : Orders were given by the Service Tribunal / High Court, which have been upheld by Supreme Court, and the orders have attained finality. Hence, upon restoration of commuted part of pension, the increases (not given previously) from 1.12.2001 till date of restoration, are also due from the date of restoration (no arrears payable,, as per Tribunal orders).

    Agha Amir

  3. Muhammad Furqan

    a.o.a sir, my grandfather had retired in 1965 he had got no cumite becoz than system did not avail so no he can get double pension… thanx he is 83 year old……..

    Dear Furqan. Pensioners retiring then had the option of availing pension-cum-gratuity scheme, under which gratuity was given perhaps Rs.20/- for each rupee of 1/4th of pension. Then they had the option to get another 25% commuted.

    The 1986 orders allow restoration of both the 25% gratuity pension, and the other 25% commuted pension.

    If you give me details, I might be in a position to help you.

    Send email to me at [email protected], or [email protected]

    Agha Amir

    • sir mare abu ji retired hoe thay 1984 mein ppo no 5786 name muhammad ghafor khan railwy se udc at ds office lhr tou ab application di thi hm double pension ki ar vo kehte hn bnti ni apki kia condition hn es mein ye general rule hy 75 plus k ly ya exceptional case hy snd me on [email protected] plz gratuity rate 17.350 hai

  4. dear mr amir i lt col retired in april 2oo1 and got LPR for one year and finaly retired on 18 4 2002 .kindly let me know weither my cammuted pention will ever be restored thanks baseer warraich

  5. Dear Colonel

    If you opted (even during your LPR) for the 2001 payscales-cum-pension scheme effective 1.12.2001 then the commuted part is not restorable. However, if you retired in pre-2001 (1994) scales of pay, then the number of years after which commuted part is to be restored, depends on your age on retirement . So kindly let me know (i) whether you retired in 2001 or pre-2001 payscales, and (ii) your date of birth.

    Agha Amir

  6. Dear
    i want to know it is admissibility upon widows / family pensioners. as CMP wrote a letter to MAG for cl;clarification . MAG sent it to MoF for further clarification.

    any update plz post or email me
    [email protected]

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