All restaurants in Lahore to close by 11 pm to save electricity: Punjab govt


The Punjab government on Thursday ordered a shut down of all restaurants in Lahore by 11 pm to save electricity.

The orders were issued earlier in April and included three rulings to curb load shedding including two holidays in a week for government offices, closure of marriage halls by 10:30 pm and one of it asked all the eateries to be closed by 11pm.

Meanwhile, traders were vehemently opposed to the orders and had called a meeting to discuss the issue.

The police has been ordered to forcibly close the hotels and restaurants by the set time and implementation will start from today.

Earlier on April 22, the Lahore High Court chief justice had directed the Lahore Electricity Supply Company (LESCO) to reduce power load shedding to eight hours a day.


  1. There's electricity in Pakistan? LOL – now thats a joke. Every major business including restaurants and marriage halls run on their own generators. sab drama. How about paying off all government electricity bills first eh?

  2. small business will completely shut down as they will be unable to cover their costs. Is this order still under action? If yes, kindly send me a soft copy of this order.

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