PML-N believes in good governance: Ghous Ali


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Sindh President Syed Ghous Ali Shah on Wednesday said that the party will bring revolutionary changes in the country if it is elected to power by the masses.
Addressing different corner meetings in Khairpur district, he said that his party had the capability and potential to eliminate the hanging threats of terrorism, inflation, unemployment and load-shedding from the country.
He appealed to the people to support him in the forthcoming general elections if they wanted to save the country and to steer it towards greatness.
He said that the nation was aware of the damages caused to the country in the past and it was time to take stock of the situation and implement remedial measures to resolve the problems through collective effort.
He said that during the last tenure of PML-N when party chief Nawaz Sharif was PM, the country was moving steadily on the path to progress and its defence capabilities had also been made invincible.
Furthermore, Ghous claimed that the existing problems of load-shedding and unemployment were non-existent during that time, adding that now the industry had been completely shut down due to continuous load-shedding, thus causing unemployment at a large scale.
He also said that the PML-N believed in good governance and it would remove the sense of deprivation that was prevailing among the masses.