PTI criticised over fielding candidates all over Karachi


All political parties have criticised Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s (PTI) decision to field candidates at all national and provincial assembly seats of Karachi, making PTI the party with the highest number of candidates contesting the general elections.

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), which consider themselves a threat for each other in the upcoming elections, claim that they are not even considering PTI while chalking out strategies.

There are 20 national assembly and 42 provincial assembly seats in Karachi, and apart from MQM, PTI is the only party to have fielded candidates in all constituencies of the city. Critics are of the view that MQM has much stronger roots in Karachi than PTI does, hence fielding candidates at all seat is mere ‘stupidity’.

“JI, which is the only contender of MQM and has always succeeded in winning a considerable number of seats from Karachi, has fielded candidates at 12 national assembly and 21 provincial assembly seats,” a MQM leader said.

“If any party feels that it has support among the masses, it is its constitutional right to contest elections from any constituency. But as far as PTI is concerned, it has no support in the city at all,” JI Sindh President Dr Mairajul Huda Siddiqui told Pakistan Today.

“We are holding review meetings to monitor the election situation in Karachi where we evaluate the campaign of every political party in the city. However, we have no report of PTI’s election campaign in the metropolis,” Dr Huda added. “I haven’t met any PTI candidate so far; there is not even a single banner or poster of the contesting candidates in the city,” Dr Huda maintained.

“PTI is non-existent in Karachi and is a threat to no party,” Dr Huda said, adding that MQM is the only party which can compete with JI.

“I am still searching for the PTI candidate who is contesting elections against me in PS-99,” MQM leader Khawaja Izhar-ul Hassan told Pakistan Today.

“PTI is not campaigning at all in Karachi, and their candidates are nowhere to be seen. How they can be threat for MQM,” Hassan said.

Talking to Pakistan Today, PTI Spokesman Jamal Siddiqui said, “We are out on the streets, trying to build a new Pakistan. We want to bring a revolution in the political system and so have decided not to hold public gatherings like others political parties of the city do,” PTI Spokesman Jamal Siddiqui told Pakistan Today.

“We have started a door-to-door campaign and our nominated candidates are approaching people in their houses. We want people to come out of their houses and join us in our endeavour to bring a revolution in this country,” Siddiqui added.




  1. we have heard that there will be no PTI candidate from Karachi so we must give vote to JI instead of MQM is that true??

  2. I am from karachi.
    yesterday I am on outdoor from Tawer to gulshan on every single street and turn i saw PTI banners & wall Poster.
    May be Dr. Huda travel in Helicopter

  3. It is a stupid decision to have candidates on all karachi seats as it can bring the shame of "zamanath zabt" in case PTI doesn't get enough votes. They will have to face this for the next 5 years. Winning from "posh areas" and "pukhtoon area" is possible but not all over karachi. Sweeping karachi is a big claim !!!!

  4. PTI has to disown from its militant wings Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan who bombed our schools, our innocent people our kids of age 4 to 6 years in recent blasts in Karachi, our army installations and our mosques. Imran Khan statement is on record that when he will come in power he will withdraw Pak Army from fata and allow taliban to regain control of that area where our brave soldiers are fighting against taliban. This is dangerous statement.

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