The condition of Karachi Zoo

Karachi zoological garden was once considered as a fun and a learning place for kids as well as for adults. But now this place appears discarded and not taken care of properly. It has an area of 33 acres but the administration has failed to utilise it in a more appropriate way. Recently, I visited the zoo after 9 years and I was shocked at the condition of the zoo that has reached to its worst point. Several cages were totally empty, and the ones that had some animals had only a few animals. Most of the animals like lions, Bengal tigers and white lions were in unstable conditions. The animals seemed totally down though the children were happy to see them. The animals were also in their hideouts because there was no proper food or water to feed them. The water in which pelicans and ducks were floating was, muddy and full of garbage. Same was the condition of the reptile house. The Mughal garden, which they claim that it is home to different kinds of roses, had not even one rose planted there. Even the metal statues of a lion and lioness were missing. It is the only place for students to learn and explore animals closely but the condition as we all witnessed is so bad that none of the students would be interested in learning anything.