For your future

The air of indifference that this country is surrounded with is pathetic. We either close our eyes, or delude ourselves into thinking that it won’t matter to us. We have social workers such as Parven Rehman and Malala Yousafzai being targeted, communities being terrorised, scholars getting killed, drone attacks happening and economy flailing. Nothing and nobody except the privileged few are safe or protected, yet we remain indifferent. A population of more than 18 crores can handle a few hundreds, maybe a few thousands of lawbreakers if they want to. It is high time we united and stood against oppression.
We need to get out of our houses and cast our votes. Choose the leader who we want to represent us. Choose well, so the new leadership doesn’t empty our treasury, instead it gives us the reason to feel proud Pakistanis again. We need to stop idealising about a messiah with his wands to come here and wish away our problems. We need to stop discriminating between social classes and on ethnicity basis so we may progress. We need to take a stand, change ourselves in order to bring the change in our country.