Can’t try him for treason, my Lord!


The caretaker government in a written response to the Supreme Court (SC) on Monday refused to initiate proceedings against Pervez Musharraf under Article 6 of the Constitution, saying it was not in its mandate to do so.

The interim government said it had a limited mandate, which was mainly to ensure the holding of a free and fair election.

The Supreme Court (SC) heard the treason case against the former military ruler.

A three-judge bench, headed by Justice Jawwad S Khawaja, of the apex court reconstituted last week is hearing the case.

The retired general is currently residing in his farmhouse at Chak Shehzad which was declared a sub-jail last week.

Prior to the hearing, the counsels representing Musharraf said that they weren’t allowed to meet their client, deterring them from receiving fresh instructions on the case, despite permission from the SC.

The Adiala Jail administration is managing the detention responsibilities of Musharraf at his residence.


  1. In simple word it means there is no place for civilian's mouse when military elephants are in hot mood against each other.This ifght between Musharf Vs kiayni so spare them for enjoying short time state luxuries and public should enjoy this bull fight

    • Here you are again,you need to learn to write english first and foremost Nazia,its not (IN SIMPLE WORD)its WORDS you loud mouth,hateful,uneducated,uninformed,unrealistic,negative sorry excuse for a woman.earn to show some respect every once in a while.I really hope you had someone in your home to teach to just that.

      • Just because someone can't write English perfectly doesn't allow you to abuse them like this. In fact you are the one who's a sorry excuse for a human being and are exactly the kind of person who is hateful, uneducated, uninformed, and negative.

        • I surely cant qualify in front of English complexed class. because for declaring any one ,hateful,uneducated,uninformed,unrealistic,negative they check all in person through linguistic skills.

      • Desi guy or Bull.Now you are ok after venting anger of your bosses on me.I think It looks that you have to hear same adjective abuses which you highly mentioned in above comment from your higher ranks.By the way it is part of your job to try your best to stop all who dare to show mirror to your ex and real bosses.

    • You forgot that the Caretakers are civilians and the is not a convict. Moreover there is no such divide as Civilians and Army in any society including Pakistan. Every American has to serve army.

  2. Just look at his face in his picture above. Doesn't he remind you of some Gunda? He feels so sure of himself and a knowall of what is going on. I sometimes feel there will be some big trouble to derail the elections.

  3. The interim Gov explanation means that Mushy would live on borrowed time. So let him be happy with occasional visits to courts & police stations for continual humiliation till the time when he will be finally punished for his misdeeds borne out of megalomania & arrogance.

  4. It amazes me how everybody chooses to completely ignore all the good things he did for our country and instead focus on a few mistakes he made, which I’m sure have a bigger story to them. May God protect him.

    • You stole the words right out of my mouth,a great point,but you know,thats what the Pakistani public is used to,they deserve the hard times,the no bati,no jobs and on and on,this is what you get when you elect them,they are finaly tasting the realities for the last 5 years sprinkled with democracy which by the way 9 out of 10 Pakistani's have no clue what it means.

  5. ZAK Bhutto was thrown into ordinary Jail, tortured and hanged like a common criminal for political decisions. Here this character misused his military power to destroy whatever hope was there for Pakistan and he has the luxury of his farm house for some detention time. Terming it prison means he get more security for free. What is stopping the courts from granting same privileges to all other prisoners to stay at their own homes and ask this Govt to declare all their personal residences as temporary prisons. Some equality before LAW.

    • since you are bringing up the PPP and Zulfy Bhutto's case,same could be said about your President Zardari who unlike other prisoners cannot be tried as he "ENJOYS" IMMUNITY,and by the way,the rest of the chors from this government are enjoying the same benefits.So please save me the sermon on legalities.

  6. Pakistanis are such a ungrateful nation. General Musharraf gave Pakistan some legitimacy in the world. He has never been accused of corruption. Economy was the fastest growing in Southeast Asia during his time. Foreign reserves were at all time high. Generally, people had a much better standard of living and yet these kangaroo courts want to persecute him because he sacked some judges for overstepping their boundries. Incidentally, these are the same judges who validated his rule in 1999. Today's free media was given its freedom under Musharraf but yet these sold out, bribe taking journalists want to see Musharraf hanged. What a sorry state and a sorry nation.

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