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Lawyers not allowed to meet Musharraf at farmhouse

Former president Pervez Musharraf has been prevented from meeting his lawyers and members of his party All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) on the first day of his detention in his farmhouse in Chak Shehzad which was declared as sub-jail by the anti-terrorism court yesterday.

The private security deployed at the farmhouse was also removed along with all communication facilities provided to Musharraf.

The APML chief has been confined to two-rooms at his palatial residence. Civilians were also prohibited from visiting the area around the residence of the former military dictator and the surrounding locality is under strict security surveillance with the help of CCTV cameras.

Party leader Dr Mohammad Amjad said that the food provided to the former president was not being checked and that the Punjab government would be responsible for any untoward incident in this regards. Spokesperson of the former president told the media that the conditions in the sub-jail were worse than those in Adiala jail.

This statement came despite the fact that Musharraf enjoyed a home-made breakfast of fresh juice, jam, bread and tea on the first day of his detention, according to reports by local media. However, prisoners at Adiala and other jails across the country regularly fall ill due to the lack of a nutritious diet.

The former military strongman was ordered to serve a 14-day judicial remand yesterday.

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  1. Dr.M.M..Khan said:

    It seems to appear that we are taking a secret delight to the treatment being metted out to a former President and COAS. He is a brave man who came back to his country to face the ballot but now seems to be facing the "Bullet". What about his previous supporters like the choudris who sucked up to him when he was in power. Are they guilty of no misdeeds. Loyality and persecution seems to be selective. Nawaz Shariff is shedding crocodile tears for Musharraf. But for Nawaz,s stupidity this circus would never have happened!

  2. Oceansmir said:

    There are in the world people of all kinds. It is not the treatment but simple "As you sow so shall you reap". Will anyone like the country without any rule of law? If he did any thing wrong let him face the trial and let the course of law decide the just for him. It is not the question that who else is guilty but the question is would you like the perpetrator remains free and tries to hold power so he could continue his wrongdoings.

    • Syed F. H. Shah said:

      Syed F. H. Shah
      Appreciate your comments.

  3. Ajaz Haque said:

    It seems that Musharraf's. 'well wishers' would rather see him in Adiala jail. Their wishes may come true.

  4. Jumhuriatkhan said:

    Ex-President has shown the courage to come to Pakistan on his own to face all the charges. What happens eventually, only time would tell. In the meantime all are equal before law and accordingly every one has full right to defend himself on the court of law. The lawyers must be allowed to plead cases without fear and intimidation. What is happening outside the courts and the way our law officers ( Black Coats ) are behaving by manhandling every one including Police Officials, opposing litigants, defending lawyers and even locking the judges in their courtrooms is a shame.
    Why the top Judiciary is keeping mum ??? . Our top judiciary should have taken a Suo-moto but it will NOT because these rogue lawyers are their FOOT SOLDIERS who at the cost of their clients and general public agitated violently and claim victory of rebirth of a new JUDICIARY.

  5. desi said:

    ets get something straight here,General Parvez Musharaf will not end up in jail,EVER.This whole drama played out by the CJ and his chum-ca's that include some high level judges will end sooner rather then later.On election day,he will be a free man just like the not so Sharif brothers,Zardari,Rental Raja,Gilani and many others.Its the way it is in Pakistan,the strong survive,specially the ones with power behind them.If you think that Mushy is going down,you are stupider then you look.Musharaf knows the game,he is good at it,he has the vision,he has over come mistakes(mistakes he has admitted)he is the only one to take on the Taliban,India and the Kashmir issue,and head on.Mushy is a no nonsense guy,he doesn't take any s**h**i**t** from anyone.GO TEAM MUSHY,I will be figuring out a way to vote as an overseas Pakistani.I will respect you for coming forward and admitting your mistakes,everyone makes them,but the ones who admit them are OK in my book.

  6. chaudhary said:

    there are two laws in pakistan one for bloody civilians and second for militarry persones and other elite class it all is tope drama in the shelter of court send all prisoners to theirs home and declare their home sub jail what a non sense

  7. Jumhuriatkhan said:

    Are there no laws for these rowdy rogue lawyers who manhandle every one who does not say YES to their wishes???. Why is our CJ quiet about this ? Long live hooliganism.

  8. jumhuriatkhan said:

    There is a difference between a CONVICT and an ACCUSED. The convicts must go to jail. The accused should not be kept in custody for more than 24 hours. The accused must only be arrested if the investigations and proofs are already available and water tight. This is an irony that the champions of democracy and justice arrest an accused and the CHALLAN is not submitted in the court for months. The accused is remanded in police custody so that the proof of crime can be tortured out of him. Meaning a person has been accused, put in jail and tortured without having sufficient evidence.
    What kind of law and justice it is???? At least I do not subscribe to this law and INJUSTCE.

  9. Stryker Hip Recall said:

    Parvez Musharraf is not an known person for the Asian countries. I had great respect for this man but some of his decisions were not at all justified . So my opinion for him changed.

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