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White Lies

How the mighty fall. There was a time when our man Musharraf used to have a swagger to put the best to shame. You know, the sort that pubescent boys unsure of their masculinity show when they prowl about markets.

Well, these boys usually push the envelope and try to get funny with lady shoppers and they are then schooled in manners by thwacks from shopkeepers and, in some glorious cases, by the ladies themselves.

Well, it was quite something, seeing the generalissimo having toned down his body language to a demeanor more appropriate of the court.

He even had that same unmistakable expressions on his face that the aforementioned boys have, when their beating is followed by a healthy dollop of “maa-behn nahi hayn kya?”


We had no finance minister for quite a while in the caretaker setup. Now that we have an advisor, he didn’t waste more than two days and immediately went off to an IMF meeting, accompanied by a considerable retinue.

What makes things worse is that this isn’t even an exclusive meeting discussing Pakistan’s relation with the IMF either. It is just a regular IMF conference.

For some, interim portfolios are an opportunity for junkets and a spruced up CV.


An extremely exclusive and extremely expensive restaurant on Lahore’s MM Alam Road, the sort that is filled with high-society glitterati daahlings aunties who “must do lunch one of these days”, was caught with its hands in the cookie jar some days ago.

It appears this establishment was, in fact, stealing electricity. Yes, for all their hard-to-pronounce dishes, they also got another word right: kunda!