‘Tom Cruise didn’t let his split affect the film’


Nothing worries a director if he is working for the first time with a global superstar and the latter goes into a divorce just when the film is about to go on floors. But director Joseph Kosinski reveals that actor Tom Cruise, 50, took the onus of their sci-fi project Oblivion on his shoulders with great responsibility. The film hit the screens here on Friday. “He (Tom) didn’t let that (the divorce) or any of that stuff affect the making or the production of the film. In fact we finished on time and he gave an amazing performance,” Kosinski told us over the phone in an all-India exclusive interview, from Taipei, Taiwan.
Unlike most newbies in showbiz, Kosinski didn’t have to struggle too much to bring Cruise on board. “I loved the idea of a Lawrence of Arabia from the future kind of a movie. Tom Cruise got his hands on it and I got lucky. He loved the story and the film and that enthusiasm on the set was contagious. At the end of the day, he always understood my vision,” says the second-time director, who is also all praises for the female lead Olga Kurylenko.
“There are so many different sides to her in the movie. It’s not just an action film. It’s very very tricky. And she’s making very interesting choices in her career. She is doing a Terrence Malik film for that matter,” he says.
On India: Kosinski is also vying to come to India. “I’d love to (come there). I was talking to Tom, ‘why aren’t we going to India?’ as he went there for his Mission: Impossible (Ghost Protocol) premiere. Unfortunately it didn’t work out this time. But, I’d love to come there someday,” says the 38-year-old.
On Bollywood: The Tron: Legacy director is also aware about the magnitude of the Indian film industry. “Indian cinema is huge. Your own film industry is massive. I’d love to make a movie there. That would be incredible,” he says, adding, “If you love Tom Cruise’s movies, you’re sure going to love this one.”