Homesickness kills?

  • Police arrest man for killing his maid
  • Accused says maid committed suicide out of ‘homesickness’

Samanabad Police on Tuesday arrested a resident of Samanabad for allegedly killing his housemaid while the residents of the house she worked in claim that the girl had committed suicide.

Aqsa, the 15-year-old maid, originally from Kasur, had been working at the residence of Shaharyar, a resident of Samanabad, for two years.

On Monday, Shaharyar had reported to the Samanabad Police Station that Aqsa had committed suicide by strangling herself with a water pipe. Police shifted the body to the morgue for an autopsy and started an investigation.

Sheheryar told the police that he had paid a heavy amount to Aqsa’s parents as Aqsa’s advance salary. He said that Aqsa’s parents had committed that Aqsa would work at Sheheryar’s house until the amount debited while Aqsa wanted to go home.

Sheheryar claims that Aqsa, perturbed by the longing to go back home, committed suicide.

Samanabad Police say that investigation was underway and it was premature to say if Aqsa was killed or she committed suicide. However, on the complaint of Aqsa’s father Zulfiqar, the police have arrested Sheheryar’s son Ali Raza.

The police say that they have arrested Ali Raza because according to the postmortem report minor bruises were found on Aqsa’s body which suggested that she might have been ‘handled roughly’. However, according to the report Aqsa was not raped.

Samanabad Police say that they were interrogating Ali Raza and they would arrest Sheheryar as well as soon they get hold of substantial proof.

Ali Raza denies all accusations and says that Aqsa was just ‘homesick’ and committed suicide. He assures that he had never tortured Aqsa.


  1. I hope police does not accept money under the table to settle this case in favor of Mr Sheheryar.
    It is illegal to hire underage female or male to be hired as a maid.
    Is Mr Sheheryar suffering from disability that he can not do his home work and he needs help.
    In my opinion both father and son are guilty of MURDER unless proven otherwise . Both of them must be locked up in jail for next one hundred yr or till they die whichever come first. Their property and accounts under their name should be confiscated and that money should be given to the family of the girl.

  2. Both father and son are responsible for the murder of teenager girl and now they are fabricating a story to cover their crime.

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