No anti-hostility deal with Nawaz: Musharraf



Former president and Chief of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), Pervez Musharraf, has rejected perception of striking a deal with PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif for not being hostile towards one another, as the former COAS launched his party’s manifesto for the upcoming polls on Monday.

“No agreement or deal has been made with Nawaz Sharif. It is true that we both were aggressive towards one another a few weeks ago, but I realised it was getting unethical, so I decided not to hit his personality.”

Addressing an ill-planned and ill-organised news conference at his farmhouse, Musharraf said his party would introduce real democracy and will fight to eliminate extremism and terrorism from the country.

The former president said he was facing all kinds of hurdles in his way, but he was not afraid of them and would continue his political journey.

When probed, Musharraf refused to comment on the Asghar Khan Case, saying he was disappointed with the Election Commission of Pakistan, as it was focusing on Article 62 of the constitution regarding “Islam”, but was avoiding Article 63 of the constitution that dealt with the personal character of a candidate.

The APML chief urged the government to restrict the wave of violence targeting his party leaders and activists, warning he would permit his party activists to treat miscreants in the same manner if things did not get better.

“We have the force and the people who could response to miscreants, so it would be better to halt any such activities against us,” the APML chief said.

To another question regarding imposition of emergency during his tenure, Musharraf said he had not done anything wrong and all necessary decisions were introduced in favour of the country.

Expressing satisfaction over the security provided to him after his return, he said he had only had procedural contact with Chief of Army Staff Ashfaq Kiyani in connection with security.

Musharraf said addressing Kashmir and other core issues between Pakistan and India were necessary to ensure peace and stability in the region.

While launching the party manifesto, he claimed that the manifesto of his party was better than any other party.

“Main objectives of the manifesto are welfare of the common man, and ending corruption, APML would make country’s defence invincible, build new dams and bring improvement in education and health sectors. APML also pledges to put the country on the path of progress,” the former military chief said.

Giving details of the manifesto‚ Musharraf said there was a great need to rid the country of terrorism and extremism.

He said the general public was in disappointment and there was need to take measures to end the dilemma.

He noted that the actual threat to the country was internal in terms of terrorism and religious intolerance and all such elements who challenged the writ of the state‚ should be dealt with an iron fist.

Talking about the economy ‚ Musharraf said his party would never allow the growth rate to fall below six percent and would curtail the government’s expenditure.

He said the debt to GDP ratio would be maintained at 60 percent and he would reduce the burden of taxes on the poor people‚ however‚ tax net would be broadened.

Regarding foreign policy‚ he said country’s geo-strategic location would be exploited. He said his party would focus on improving the country’s relations with its neighbours‚ the Muslim Ummah and the West.

Expressing his reservations about Afghanistan‚ Musharraf said there must not be any external influence in the future of Afghan people.

He said after the 2014 US withdrawal‚ there would be turmoil in Afghanistan‚ and such circumstances would have a direct impact on Pakistan.

“We will have to formulate an effective strategy to confront the aftermaths of US withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

On energy crisis‚ the APML president said new water reservoirs needed to be constructed, including Kalabagh Dam‚ but with consensus.

Musharraf also distributed party tickets among candidates contesting for general seats of National and provincial assemblies.


  1. General you had your chances and 10 years in power by hook or crook! Thats over, you may have done well compared to "democratic" parties. After being president what else you want? or you also become the same lot who come to power again and again "to serve" the people? I dont know when we get rid of lifetime wanna be kings of Pakistan like Nawaz, Shahbaz, Bhuttos and even you! why dont you guys leave us alone, like many other countries, leaders have one or two goes at top office and then gracefully go in history books with respect!

    • He is true leader who still has vision of Pakistan. The country needs him the most during these turbulent times. All he did was in the interest of Pakistan by encouraging economic growth, making good relations with India, Food and sugar prices were very low during his era and stock market was on the rise and mega projects in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan. What else do you expect in a country and the law and order was much better in his tenure compared to today's. I believe Musharraf a second to help our nation steer out of the ongoing crisis.

  2. More than ever before, Pakistan needs Musharraf's leadership. The only thing I ask is that he hangs all the "seasoned" politicians and the judges. Pakistan is better off without them.

  3. I may agree to he is better person and leader compared to Zardari and Nawaz etc only because most of the our generals can outsmart any of our thug kind of political clowns!
    But i think he missed the boat now, transformation from general to civilian leader could have gone much better if he didnt leave the country!

    While he can head think tanks for Pakistan and help guide strategic future within country and abroad, he is more useful for Pakistan in that way. Politically he can be part of a pressure group, but i dont think he can ever again get top job in Pakistan!

  4. At least Musharraf Sahib has courage to return back to country, and not like fugitive leader Altaf Hussain of MQM. Sitting in cool weather of London He and his telepohonic addresses have spoiled law and order situation of Karachi. Musharraf Sahib have saved Pakistan better than Afghnistan in 2001, by joining hand with USA ( as there was no another option for him) and that too in the Interest of country. His rule was better than any other Government.

    • Musharraf courage is seeing quite obvious from his perplexed face.he is such a coward and duffer that cant apprehend that now his close friends have become his disguised enemies or one can say runaway friends.Surely he had come here so that no one can place verbal attack on him but I think that in such deals there is no commitment of silent revelation of documentary proofs against him .i.e .So this is process has been initiated and getting pace, making face expression of runaway commando more confused and agitated.

  5. Some anchors (Hamid Mir at the top of all) have nothing to do other than planning conspiracies against Musharraf, which significantly increased my love for the great leader. I would request Hamid Mir to do the same again and again and again so that everybody love musharraf and hate HM. I don't like to comment on judges right now because I am still assessing them to see whether they will take even a single decision in favour of Musharraf and dare to say anything against Nawaz and Shabaz.

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