New tribunal formed to hear appeals against Sharifs


The Election Commission of Pakistan has changed the tribunal for hearing the appeals against Nawaz Sharif, president of his own faction of Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N), and his brother Shahbaz Sharif.
According to a notification on Sunday, the appeals filed against them have been transferred to the new tribunal, comprising of Justice Nasir Saeed Shaikh and Justice Shahid Wahid.
Four appeals were filed against acceptance of nomination papers of Nawaz from NA-120 Lahore. Similarly, 4 appeals were filed against acceptance of candidature of Shahbaz from PP-161.
Earlier‚ the election tribunal of Lahore had declined to hear the appeals against both PML-N leaders on personal grounds.


  1. This is a industrial mafia, with huge assets abroad illicitly siphoned out of the country to purchase real estate assets. They are guilty of (tax evasion) and (money laundering).

    Why does the mother of democracy (UK) stay silent about these issues when these assets are housed in UK . I plead to the UK High Commission in Pakistan to take up the matter with its government.

    The responsibility lies with western powers to withdraw their support of cronies like Zardari and Sharifs who are kept in power to provide ground support for western interests and eventual withdrawal of US in 2014.

    Pakistan is a nuclear state and if it fails economically ( which it has with only $ 7 Bn in reserves) Pakistan will not remain a domestic issue but a matter of grave international concern. So please top sporting this unsustainable political system for the interest of the people of Pakistan and security of the rest of the world.

    These crooks along with Raja Rental Makhdoom Amin Faheem sons of PM ???Gilani and other politicians of disrepute should not be allowed to contest in the forthcoming the election.

    • Nawaz Sharif on one side and Zadari on the other. Bought by the UK/USA/ Saudia decades ago.

      Mo one admits that their dog smells…ask any dog owner

  2. Friends sont be surprised if all who can be made ineligible with the most basic scrutiny shall be in the seat of power. if you have not seen Dr. Qadri’s comments in “Swal Yeh Hai” take a look. I dont endorse them but if half of what he says is correct, it is all a grand plan to play musical chairs with the same cast of actors.

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