Hizbut Tahrir campaigns against democracy, polls


The banned outfit Hizbut Tahrir (HT) has started its campaign across the country to convince people not to participate in elections and join hands with the outlawed organisation for the unification of Muslim world as a single state under the leadership of Sheikh Ata Abu Rishta.
The campaign has been started in almost all parts of the country and the HT activists have started holding public gatherings and corner meetings to convince people on a point that democracy was against Islam.
The intelligence agencies have started operation against the HT and arrested two of its activists from outside a mosque for distributing leaflets among the worshipers and preaching them not to participate in elections.
Through the leaflet, the banned outfit invited people to join hands with them to abolish democracy from Pakistan and establish caliphate.
The leaflet reads further, “Muslims have not been stung merely twice, but countless times by the current system in Pakistan. Each time new faces come through coup or election, the people curse the old faces. However, only after a while, the new faces appear even uglier and more despised than the older faces. The current system is incapable of looking after the affairs of the people and securing the rights that Allah guaranteed humankind, regardless of their race, language, gender or religion.”
It reads further, “Pakistan’s current system is a continuation of the British rule occupation that abolished Islamic rule in the Indian subcontinent in the first place. Even though the Muslims shed their pure blood to establish Pakistan in the name of Islam, it was the British Parliament that created Pakistan’s initial legislation under its Indian Independence Act of 1947.”
“It is democracy, designed by and inherited from the colonialist kufr that separates our ummah from Islam and its ruling system of khilafah, whether in Pakistan, Egypt or Turkey, Tunisia or Indonesia. The claim that yet more elections within this system would bring change of system is a lie made to secure this system from abolition,” it also reads.
“It is the Khilafah alone that ensures our education, foreign policy, economy, judiciary, consultation; accounting and removing of rulers are all according to Islam,” the leaflet adds.
Talking to Pakistan Today, a leader of HT confirmed that they had started a campaign across the country for abolishment of democracy and establishment of khilafah in Pakistan.
“We will hold public gatherings, corner meetings and door-to-door campaign to boycott the elections as the democracy is un-Islamic,” he added.


  1. They are busy in arresting members of HT for distributing leaflets against this corrupt system,while democratic parties are killing citizens in karachi !
    Rehzano ne rehzani ki thi,
    Rehbaro ne bhi kya kami ki thi ! -Jalib

  2. i thought freedom of expression was an integral part of the democracy that the current ruling lot is so proud of. Why arrest people who are not involved in violence and are merely expressing their intent and beliefs?, and that too in a country, whose majority shares the same beliefs as they do? The amount of space and disconnect created between the ruling elite and the masses has reached extraordinary heights. The powers that be are only shooting themselves on the foot with such acts. Ideas can and shoud only be countered by alternative ideas, not by imprisonment or bans. If the rulers had any, they would put it on the table, but sadly they do not. And I fear the time is nigh when they will only invite the people's wrath on the streets.

  3. These benefit claimers from UK are now gone to Pakistan! HT is nothing but after a sham and unachievable objectives. If not democracy then Khilafat? thats what the want Muslims cant even agree within one sect now, how can they agree to have one Khalifa or Khilafat? or its Saudi backed plan to accept saudi king as Khalifa for all muslims?

    in new real world, an economic zone may be possible for all muslim countries, dont see khilafat getting established!

    • no,we are against saudi king we r not saudi backed see our history HuT was created by Palestinians and whole Palestine is with us we r running Syria Islamic campaign for khilafa

  4. HIZbul tahrir has been made controversial by general Musharaff who included all pro jihadi and active combat islamic organizations ILLEGAL in Pakistan………….the irony is in the very same democracy that states citizen is free to hold any ideas as WEST propagates it and yet falls so short of practising it when it comes to rights of minoririties like pakistanis,palestinians,afghans,and many others they themselves DESTROY and then REBUILD………………………
    the biggest contradiction is in DEMOCRACY itself becz it doesnt allow ideas and ideals criticising it…………..because it is man made system………..imperfect like human MIND…………….as long as HT is not hurting physically the interests of Pakistanis i see no contradiction in their claim that KHILAFAT is the best system to deliver HUMANITY from bondage of laerned,capitailst.,wealthy people.

  5. It's natural that the corrupt regime opposes the party and cracks down on its members, because the regime doesn't have any intellectual or political alternative to the idea of khilafah since "la ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah" is connected to the system of khilafah. The Muslims from al-Hind were very quick to support the caliphate when the British were working on abolishing it around 1924, so the issue of the khilafah is closely connected to the people of Pakistan both from an ideological perspective (being Muslims) and from a historical perspective.

    For what crime are the members of Hizb ut Tahrir being arrested? The time of the British raaj comes to mind:

    Raqeebo ne rapat likhwai hai jaja ke thane mein
    Ke akbar naam leta hai Khuda ka is zamaane mein

  6. Election and vote for jamhoor are neutral words.Bad people will give its bad results good people will give good. Mushawarat and baayit for jamhoor ulama are Islamic equivalents.Convassing -Dawah and Tableegh will result in good rulers.

  7. ht is only sincere political party they are well educated and real politics and i say its true democracy fail we want khilafat

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