High treason or high drama


You cannot have it both ways

For clarity’s sake, you should know Article 6 of the constitution and the Act of Punishment for High Treason and what they entail as well as the 2007 Proclamation of Emergency. We will leave most of the discussion on them for next week.

They apparently want to try Musharraf not for the army’s 1999 intervention and the first Provisional Constitution Order or PCO but for the 2007 emergency and the second PCO. The Proclamation of Emergency 2007 includes the prime minister, governors and the military high command, but not the judges, for the proclamation went against them. Therein lies a tale: if Musharraf is tried only for the 2007 emergency the judges will be off the hook but if for the 1999 countercoup they will hang high if found guilty. Do they think that that way they can keep themselves out of the fire? Treason is treason: if something is treason in 1999 it remains treason in 2007. Treason cannot be legal when it suits you and a crime when it suits you. You cannot have it both ways.

Is it that the army’s countercoup and the first PCO were legal in 1999 because the judges who gave it legitimacy and took oaths under it saved their jobs while the 2007 emergency and the second PCO were illegal because most of the first PCO’s judges lost their jobs? The conclusion is inescapable.

Article 6 says:

“(1) Any person who abrogates or subverts or suspends or holds in abeyance, or attempts or conspires to abrogate or subvert or suspend or hold in abeyance, the Constitution by use of force or show of force or by any other unconstitutional means shall be guilty of high treason.

2) Any person aiding or abetting or collaborating [in] the acts mentioned in clause (1) shall likewise be guilty of high treason.

(2A) An act of high treason mentioned in clause (1) or clause (2) shall not be validated by any court including the Supreme Court and a High Court.

(3) Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) shall by law provide for the punishment of persons found guilty of high treason.”

The High Treason Act says:

“An Act to provide for the punishment of persons found guilty of acts of abrogation or subversion of a Constitution or of high treason.

Preamble: Whereas it is necessary to provide for the punishment of persons found guilty of acts of abrogation or subversion of a Constitution or of high treason;

It is hereby enacted as follows:

1. Short title, extent and commencement:

(1) This act may be called the High Treason (Punishment) Act, 1973.

(2) It extends to the whole of Pakistan.

(3) It shall come into force at once.

2. Punishment for high treason, etc: A person who is found guilty:

(a) of having committed an act of abrogation or subversion of a constitution in force in Pakistan at any time since the twenty third day of March, 1956; or

(b) of high treason as defined in Article 6 of the Constitution, shall be punishable with death or imprisonment for life.

3. Procedure: No Court shall take cognizance of an offence punishable under this act except upon a complaint in writing made by a person authorised by the Federal Government in this behalf.

The Proclamation of Emergency of 2007 says:

WHEREAS there is visible ascendancy in the activities of extremists and incidents of terrorist attacks, including suicide bombings, IED explosions, rocket firing and bomb explosions and the banding together of some militant groups have taken such activities to an unprecedented level of violent intensity posing a grave threat to the life and property of the citizens of Pakistan;

WHEREAS there has also been a spate of attacks on state infrastructure and on law-enforcement agencies;

WHEREAS some members of the judiciary are working at cross purposes with the executive and legislature in the fight against terrorism and extremism, thereby weakening the government and the nation’s resolve and diluting the efficacy of its actions to control this menace;

WHEREAS there has been increasing interference by some members of the judiciary in government policy, adversely affecting economic growth, in particular;

WHEREAS constant interference in executive functions, including but not limited to the control of terrorist activity, economic policy, price controls, downsizing of corporations and urban planning, has weakened the writ of the government; the police force has been completely demoralized and is fast losing its efficacy to fight terrorism and intelligence agencies have been thwarted in their activities and prevented from pursuing terrorists;

WHEREAS some hard-core militants, extremists, terrorists and suicide bombers, who were arrested and being investigated, were ordered to be released. The persons so released have subsequently been involved in heinous terrorist activities, resulting in loss of human life and property. Militants across the country have, thus, been encouraged while law-enforcement agencies subdued;

WHEREAS some judges by overstepping the limits of judicial authority have taken over the executive and legislative functions;

WHEREAS the government is committed to the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law and holds the superior judiciary in high esteem, it is nonetheless of paramount importance that the honourable judges confine the scope of their activity to the judicial function and not assume charge of administration;

WHEREAS an important constitutional institution, the Supreme Judicial Council, has been made entirely irrelevant and by a recent order judges have, thus, made themselves immune from inquiry into their conduct and put themselves beyond accountability;

WHEREAS the humiliating treatment meted to government officials by some members of the judiciary on a routine basis during court proceedings has demoralised the civil bureaucracy and senior government functionaries, to avoid being harassed, prefer inaction;

WHEREAS the law and order situation in the country as well as the economy have been adversely affected and trichotomy of powers eroded;

WHEREAS a situation has thus arisen where the government of the country cannot be carried on in accordance with the Constitution and as the Constitution provides no solution for this situation, there is no way out except through emergent and extraordinary measures;

AND WHEREAS the situation has been reviewed in meetings with the prime minister, governors of all four provinces, and with Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Chiefs of the Armed Forces, Vice-Chief of Army Staff and Corps Commanders of the Pakistan Army; NOW, THEREFORE, in pursuance of the deliberations and decisions of the said meetings, I, General Pervez Musharraf, Chief of the Army Staff, proclaim Emergency throughout Pakistan.

2. I, hereby, order and proclaim that the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan shall remain in abeyance.

This Proclamation shall come into force at once.”

We’re going to have great fun now for there is no way they can try Musharraf for treason for the 2007 emergency and second PCO and not for the 1999 countercoup and first PCO, for if the former had not been legitimized by the Supreme Court the 2007 emergency couldn’t have happened. You cannot legitimately ‘subvert’ the constitution in one instance and not in another. Subversion is subversion. What you have to determine is which subversion is greater, subversion of the constitution or of the state? The constitution is not the state, it is the state’s basic law begs for change when it itself subverts the state by its hypocrisy and contradictions.

Now many generals, including the current chief, judges, including the current chief justice, politicians, bureaucrats and others are going to be in the dock with Musharraf because they “aided, abetted and collaborated” with him in ‘subverting’ the constitution in 1999 and 2007. It’s going to be high drama Broadway style.

To say that they will try him for treason for the second emergency and PCO but not the actual army intervention and the first PCO is an insult to our intelligence. How can the same act be a ‘crime’ in the second instance but not the first? Or is it all about jobs: is it legal if our jobs are secure but illegal if they are not? Is that why the judges who secured their jobs after taking oath on the first PCO are pristine while those who took oaths under the second PCO are not? Is not every PCO the same as far as ‘subversion’ is concerned? I am amazed that people cannot see through such double standards.

The Clause 2A of Article 6 says that, “An act of high treason…cannot be validated by any court including the Supreme Court and a High Court.” This makes it incumbent upon them to include all those judges of the Supreme Court and those who followed them as potential traitors for aiding, abetting and collaborating with Musharraf in the 2007 emergency. Justice will be incomplete if they too are not tried with Musharraf. The dock shall be lonely; the guillotine still, for Robespierre’s head could be on the block too.

The Supreme Court can only determine guilt or otherwise. Punishment, if any, can only be determined by parliament. So it is imperative that parliament be in place on time.

The high treason act says that, “No court shall take cognizance of an offence punishable under this act except upon a complaint in writing made by a person authorized by the Federal Government in this behalf.” No complaint has been made by the federal government so what is the Supreme Court going on about? They are not even competent to ask (order?) the federal government to make a complaint. They should throw out the petition if and until the federal government does so. Else it will go down in history as gross vindictiveness.

The writer is a political analyst. He can be contacted at [email protected]


    • @justice for all ………… Yes, going down the drain Fast. But, boy; What a way to go.

  1. There will be no complaint from federal government of Pak Saf Zardari who gave him the guard of honour! Its more of high drama agree with writer. In a country where people like Nawaz Sharif and Zardari walk free, where people on ECL and on high treason charges fly free (Hussain Haqqani)! Nothing absolutely nothing will happen but Drama!

  2. A very well written article. The CJ is inadvertently wasting his and public precious time and money. He should wind up the stupid case and give Pakistan Army a role in running countries affairs if it is intended to save it from vultures.

    • @ Syed Ahmed ……..Fully agreed with the exception of the use of the word 'inadvertently'.

    • The writer should get his head examined. He comes across as mentally unbalanced and emotionally disturbed! The kind of sychophant who has aided and abetted in the downfall of Musharraf !

      Ok let's ignore Article 6 for the sake of argument, but what about the following:

      Not only is Musharaff responsible for the debacle in Kargil, his shameless assertion that Pakistan lost only 300 lives is  outrageous and insensitive. These brave men were sons, fathers, brothers and husbands, they were, above all, men under his command!

      He is responsible for the slaughter of innocent women and children in Lal Masjid.

      He should be tried for the murder of Mr. Akbar Bugti's ..for which the courts have already charged him and interpol warrant is out for him.

      He should be thoroughly investigated for the murder of Benazir Bhutto!

      He also must account for coalition support fund, where, according to NY Times Pakistan was receiving $150 million per month for 6 years and the army says it got only $400. So where did the $5 billion plus disappear?

      He should also be investigated for falsifying his submission to the ECP. He should be indicted, and tried for perjury by the supreme court.

      Gen. Musharraf!  You pipsqueak number 2 general were a  disgrace to the uniform! You are a characterless and a shameless criminal!

      • If Musharraf was to be tried for Akbar Bugti, Mr. Zardari can be tried for the murder of Gov. Salman Taseer. You will have to prove that Gen. Musharraf had personal enmity with Srdar Bugti. There was none and the Gen. did it as discharge of his duty.

      • If one was to pay heed to your venomous thoughts, the only way "justice" can be done would be to hand over President Pervez Musharraf to you so that you could cut him into pieces to satisfy your hatred. Shame on you and your kind of 'justice', consider having the same for yourself what you ask Humayun Gauhar to do.

        • Please read Saroop Ijaz in today's express tribune.

          Is he above the law? His decisions have ruined Pakistan,
          For eg. NRO. The treatment of judges. His Ill gotten wealth.
          Your use of words like venomous or cut to pieces are disgusting!
          Let's hope and pray Mian Sahib will bring him to justice and put him in the same cell in Attock!

          • You write "His decisions have ruined Pakistan, or eg. NRO. The treatment of judges. His Ill gotten wealth".

            He was not beneficiary of NRO. Mia Sahib was beneficiary of NRO. The ref. about Judges was initiated by PM. CJ is also not above the law. How Mia Sahib can bring him to justice when he didnt do that when he was in power. Even today he does not speak a word against Musharraf.

      • Wow you really do believe all the hyped up nonsense against Musharraf. Shame on you!

        Listen to this exclusive explosive original interview of Akbar Bugti, just before he committed suicide. Listen carefully. He is openly acknowledging that they have killed over 35 SSG commandos and shot down Pakistan army helicopters!!!

        I wish army had killed him but the coward committed suicide. He is also openly acknowledging that their authority over Baluchistan must be acknowledged else they would declare war with Pakistan.

        Also hear the live coverage of Shahzain Bugti, when he was caught bringing in weapons from Afghanistan to fight Pakistan. Hear their lies. We had posted another video here as well, where Shahzain acknowledged that he was lying to the media and the weapons actually belonged to him.

        This is the ultimate proof of his treason and war with Pakistan. Know the truth and spread the facts as BLA is exploiting his suicide and using the Judiciary to wage a war against Pakistan!!!

        Lal Masjid is not even a case. It wasn’t even a mosque it had become a ground for terrorists. Mosques don’t have weaponry inside,mosques do not consist of 13 to 17 year old pregnant girls,who weren’t pregnant when they had initially gone to this secret terrorist organisation. People inside mosques do not open fire on our army,which the people inside the Lal Masjid did and people should not be sympathising with hypocritical maulanas that try to escape wearing a burkha.Calling them a Maulana is an insult to the word itself because Maulana in english is described as someone who has knowledge over many different subjects and matters.Mosques do not have brain washing CDs inside,shall I go on?!Only fools would defend Lal Masjid,this type of thinking without any logic is the reason why Pakistan is so backwards and going in to a direction of ultra conservatism,extremism and disaster. The army was still cooperative and was asking those hypocrites to leave peacefully but those fools opened fire.It is shameful to support such people and it is an insult to those parents who sent their children to actually learn something pure about our Deen but rather were used as brain washed fighters that were converted in to terrorists.No woman was actually harmed in the operation except for the Qazi’s mother who died because she refused to get out of the mosque.The militants coming out of the Lal Masjid were wearing gas masks,if you have any knowledge then you would know that wearing a gas mask and surviving the tear gas takes a lot of training.A soldier is trained for about 6 months before he can function properly while wearing a gas mask.An army personel lost his life by being assassinated.A sniper shot him and the distance from which the sniper fired from the Lal Masjid was 300 feet.If you have any common sense you would realize that these people within that so called mosque were highly trained terrorists.They distorted the words of our peaceful and beautiful religion,which teaches moderation and love.The corruption in Lal Masjid was disgusting and those supporting such nonsense are only supporting the wrong cause!

        Are you serious! You’re criticising Kargil,something which was known by the Nawaz Sharif government who later denied it! Something which was an army victory that was turned in to a political failure due to our biased media. Even the Indian General at the time has complimented Musharraf on his operation in Kargil,people like you are the reason Pakistan doesn’t progress. You don’t respect your heroes. You really believe the NY times,dude seriously if you believe such nonsense then shame on you. All the money was fairly and properly spent during the Musharraf era in Pakistan,look at all the projects and progress. You people are so blind that even a blind person by birth would have more vision than you. You believe junk like yellow journalism,obviously NY times would write such non-sense because Musharraf does not bow down to anyone. The Benazir murder!!! OH my god! Buddy get in to your senses! Benazir was well protected,she spoke for 2 and half hours in front of the public and nothing happened,she sat back in her bullet proof car and that means the security worked. Then she got a phone call and she stuck her head out and that is when everything happened. No body recommended that to her,who made the call? what about the man near the car making strange signals,what about the fact that he got killed and what about the fact that the killer of that man also got killed. What happened to that phone conversation and why did Bilawal Bhutto leave Pakistan recently? He found out it was Zardari. Zardari was the only one who gained the most benefit out of Benazir’s death. Use your brain for a change and think. God some people are just impossible.

        Musharraf is a genuine and honest leader and you should be ashamed of using such pathetic words for him.

        • agree with you totally! he did the right thing – and even if he wronged, at least he has the courage to admit, unlike the other fools – hate all the politicians… baykaar kay loag

      • Oh my GOD… You've totally lost your mind ,do some research man and also try to read about lal masjid and bugti case then you'll know (if you aren't biased) where is investigation leading you….

  3. Good analysis.It is understandable that it is not only Musharraf but PM,governors,CM,s armed forces top brass including who ratified the emergency.It is better if the chapter is closed and time is not wasted on settled issues

    • who will try all supreme court judges have taken oath under p c o some how some time either in ayub ,yahya, zia, or musharaf era, so all are guilty all must be kicked out even kyani the present army chief is also involved even nawz sharif is guilty because he asked for safe exit to saudia, in my opinion young officers of armed forces take control of country and clean all these dirty politicians.

  4. What a silly argument from one of Musharraf's paid writers. The fact is that the 1998 coup was rendered 'legitimate' by a subsequent parliament. The 2007 act of treason wasn't. It is the parliament stupid and not really about the judges.

    • Dear sir.. I assume you don't know the fact that 1999 PCO is being discussed, not 1998 coup. And by the way CJ Iftikhar M Chaudhary took oath under 1999 PCO.
      Musharraf was bad, I agree but I don't have a logic to prove that. He played smart.

    • Absolutely right. But yes federal gov't need to file a case. Musharraf has lost the battle anyway as he along with his stupid lawyers trying to escape fromthe punishment. He isn't justifying his acts but trying to escape from being tried. That in itself is a defeat for Musharraf.

    • so you mean Parliament is all supreme? Your CJP has confined theier sphere of freedom as well, when he says Parliament can only legislate to make judiciary even more powerful but not otherwise. On same analogy, the supreme court and parliament cannot approve an illegal act.
      Please reconcile.

  5. A very difficult situation will arise if the matter was handled awkwardly. We should seek Allah's guidance. Allah says:

    فَمَن تَابَ مِن بَعْدِ ظُلْمِهِ وَأَصْلَحَ فَإِنَّ اللَّـهَ يَتُوبُ عَلَيْهِ ۗ إِنَّ اللَّـهَ غَفُورٌ رَّحِيمٌ

    However, God will accept the repentance of whoever repents and reforms himself after wrongdoing; Allah is All-forgiving .and All-merciful. (Quran 5:39)

  6. Serving tinpot dictators seem to. Be a genetic affliction with few. Like father, likeson,from ghost writer of Ayub Khan to ghost writer of Musharraf. Same old story,

  7. Tell you what, I'm all for it. Go ahead and prosecute the good man, the soldier Musharraf who has lived in the service of Pakistan all along. Prosecute him but don't pursecute him. Prosecution would mean a fair trial and not selective justice, let justice be done accross board and let clean dirt all over including Supreme Court of Pakistan which has acquired a reputation of being almost as pure as a cesspool. Let's do a thorough cleaning and if in this process one more soldier's blood is shed, so be it. After all a soldier lives and dies in the service of the motherland defending it from threats of all kind and this time we are threatend from within.

    • I think this time few Parlimentarians and judges will also sacrifice their lives along side soldiers, If trial is fair, and set a new gistory of service to motherland.

  8. Good article
    If u hang him in treason case good for him his name will be remember like bhutto in the history although musharaf saheb did some mistakes but he is better than two jokers mian brothers +taliban khan

  9. am a lawyer and i totally agree with ur article and appreciate ur concern…cjp should realize musharaf is the only dictator who is honoring our courts by showing his presence on trails. no other dictator has been trailed before so show some respect to EX PM and he was one who restore political activities very shortly after his overtake…..

  10. The writer has tried to put a clear picture of the ongoing story, which will highilght whole process of Mr. Musharraf authority. There are certain politicians who want
    to hang Mr. Musharraf and that's all.

  11. I agree with the writer because we are the innocents. Not only, I remember that words from a speech of President Pervez Musharraf that ""Army will not going to take over again"". In addition we have seen that he made policies not to take over again. However, we have also seen that President Asif Ali Zardari said " Democracy is the best Revenge" . Finally, I realized that if it is revenge then People of Pakistan are the VICTIMS. Every Pakistan is innocent because when we see a Criminal sentenced to death we called him " Martyred"– Judicial Murder– Without knowing any thing.

  12. Musharraf must be punished for his good work for Pakistan because we are good with corrupt Sharifs and Zardari.

  13. irrespective of the public there will be still 3lac serving and retired military persons will be willing to lay their lives on one cue from the great Gen Offr… Include me makes 3lac and one!!! and i am making this estimate on a very modest assumption… it can only swell to bigger numbers from here…

  14. if u guys remember how Pakistan won 92 world cup… i see the same sweep by APML… beyond any expectations and imagination… believe me this might happen…

    • haahaa Tahir you made my day, lets pray. And if only Musharraf by himself let alone APML gets a seat in the parliament – imagine who would dare to speak up in front of him…

  15. Had he been a son of the soil , non would hav dared to even talk about it. If the SC is nt biased,it has to prove it by trying judges who copartnered the acts,mirza,ayoub,yahya,nd zia too.let’s see who wins…sons of the soil or ……….

  16. instead of appreciating Musharraf, they want to single him out thinking other people are stupid. The CJ may be nieve but people are not! We all are for a power of Judiciary but for for a controversial CJ. Appointing a highly controversial CJ especially who is even politicized is against the very concept of independent judicial system.

  17. If cj didn’t take oath under the first pco he wouldn’t even be sitting in supreme court today. So he decides to try musharraf for the 2nd pco.

  18. If the upcoming election does not provide honest governance, then all the staff of ECP be hanged / killed and responsibility of conducting election by judiciary be withdrawn.

  19. This is an eye opening article by Mr.Humayun Gohur, I think even judiciary also knows these facts but they were trying to get revenge , I must say (PERSNOAL REVENGE) with Parvez Musharraf, All the educated and intellectual peoples knows these facts, we should give salute to Pervez Mushrraf , being a karachites I must say we have all the development works seen in his era. if he is being trail in article six then chief justice should also be convicted under this article because with out his collabration nothing could be happened.

  20. wr are fed of watching judicial dramas in court everyday.Cj should pardon everybody as he is unable to send any corrupt big fish like amin fahim,raja rental,yousaf raza gilani n sons,monis ellahi n co n touqir sadiq. now he is trying his hands on generals which may back fire.

    • While the judiciary is totally corrupt from top to botton from Islamabad to Karachi. CJ does nothing for any judicial reforms or cleansing the judiciary of the corrupt practices. They have not moved one inch forward in judiciary since 1947 in fact they have digressed and fallen from all levels of morality.

  21. Absolutely convinced with the comments by Humayun Gauhar,
    High Drama instead high treason this country has long tale of lies deception and discrimination,
    including fake judiciary which is quite obvious as what is their track record so far and still seems haven't learned anything so far,
    Not high treason but its high time for this country to wake up or else???????

  22. Don't we remember the shameful and immoral behaviour of Justice Maulvi Mushtaq Husain during the hearing of Z.A.Bhutto case in the Lahore High Court, and the subsequent ratification of the sentence by the Supreme Court, after a split decision, only made possibly by the casting vote of another "Honourable" Justice Anwarul Haq? The international press termed it "murder of a trial" instead of a trial of murder. This is our "independent", "impartial" and "free" judiciary which continues to this day. May Allah guide them to do justice and to refrain from serving their vested interests.

  23. Good article.We are our own enemy.We including CJ do what suit to us?You can observe every day ? It is not new one ?

  24. It's about the judges only its about the parliament as well. Firstly no action can be taken against 1999 coup because parliament validated Musharraf's act and elected him president. If you want the court to take up that case as well, then convict all members of the parliament who voted in favour of the validation.

  25. Many thanks Mr. Humayun Gauhar for enlightening this nation (if at all it is one).Please make sure your columns are reached to maximum members of this society. Thank you. Best regards. Arif

  26. CJ should have been hanged for High Treason for releasing hundreds terrorists. Being cousin of Rana Sana Ullah, one can easily understand CJ's relation with Terrorists. Worst person on earth after Zardari and Sharif..

    • In my opinion Chief Justice or any Judge can convict a criminal when there is eye witnesses, written proof or circumstantial evidence.
      Recently there was case of Jamshed Dasti who was sent to jail for three years for fake college degree but after a couple of days released. That is beyond our understanding???

  27. Agreed with the writer, for God sake don't criticize & victimise Pervez Musharraf, look forward or grasp Nawaz Shareef / Zardari tola for lot of corruptions and defaults.

  28. ya this is absolutely right but now we are facing lots of challenges so that we need to brings reforms in our country. that why we should be unite.

  29. Doctrine of Necessity was and is alive and kicking. Thanks to judiciary. They will do everything to save themselves. Good Luck. Keep it up.

  30. I being a lawyer for International Arbitration though agree with the writer that this is highly planed darama with this nation and land while hiding the eyes from Election Commission, the practice of the Supreme Court is to take every sort of support from media to be in always in media for thire own motives having no love wd this nation and land, they will never act for the development of the nation and land, one may look Pakistan from 3rd March 2007 till today is going down. please i respectfully request to judges, now please stop that. and let this DRAMA may not be played with this nation and let active role be played for ELECTION, which is of course is a DRAMA.

  31. I wish common sense prevail with Judges of this nation. SC is only scoring thru media, but in the eyes of public has lost respect and dignity. Their performance is worst than the government of PPP during last 5 years.

  32. All the previous dictator like Ayub Khan, Zia ul Haq and Musharraf should be brought to justice. No one is above the law.

    Also bring those who filled their pockets when they were in offices like Prime Ministers and all Ministers who looted the country and made assets..

  33. Good article. Its vindictiveness at its best. The entire move of framing Gen Musharraf in this high treason case by picking selective pieces of the case has been planned and being executed by band of thugs who have collaborated together but the bottomline is Nobody Knows What Lies Ahead. What Pakistan has achieved by virtue of the democrats and independent judiciary in the last five years is nothing else than systematic destruction of Pakistan. People are now fast realizing the vicious connections of this entire web and who all are doing what. Gen Musharraf is a genuine leader and will go through all this.

  34. I don’t see any politician, judge, lawyer, general or expert who can give such a comprehensive report as given by Mr. Hamayun

  35. At last somebody spoke the truth. I hope the political spokesmen of the devils like Hamid Mir, Talat Hussain, Shahid Masood and so many other take note. It is high time they grappled with the core issues at stake in the next general elections instead of wasting national time on Musharraf. He came to power when he was in air. They should be tried who made the coup on the ground which in fact was a counter coup. Actions of 2007 were a necessity of governance and one of the reason was judicial activism. So who will try the Chief Justice if he is wrong. It cannot be he is infallible as he is human too. We all make mistakes.

  36. question of the day

    can some one tell us who is ruling Pakistan actually

    1,,,, president ,,,,,2 ,,,,,, prim minister ,,,,,,,,,or C J P IFTIKHAR AHMED CHOUDHRY

  37. Nice post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and
    I’m inspired! Very helpful information particularly the ultimate part 🙂 I take care of such information a lot. I used to be seeking this particular information for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

  38. Musharraf is the greatest leader Pakistan has had – he is a saviour! he really cares for Pakistan!

  39. Article 6 and all article against Parveez Mushraf Choudry Aetazaz have made a member of Senate with Political Source, They are working under Some Corrupt Politician Gen should awareness his man

  40. i respect this writer, our nation and people have very short memory ,plz show those programmes when nawaz sharif put this country in the worse shape and also last 5 years we poor people suffered in the hands of this compromised so called democracy of zardari and sharif brothers
    I can predict now they will make NAWAZ SHARIF same type of prime minister now, an other hidden part of NRO, and zardari and nawaz family will make more money will become more rich and people of pakistan will suffer

  41. This is all nothing but a revenge against Musharraf by our judges. Due to their past problems. I cannot understand the they are after an ex military chief, who gave most of his life serving the country. Musharraf is not guilty for anyting IF, then Zardari is guilty for what's happening in Karachi. I am not and elder but knows one thing for sure, whatever happen's in any part of the country the people responsible are, Governor of of that province, PM's, Police, and agencies. NOT the president, Otherwise arrest Zardari for this much blood shed and CJP for only talking while sitting in his chair in Islamabad SC. why not come to Karachi why ? Because all the judges are busy tearing up the Good ones and saving the corrupt's.

    We all know's who stops CJP not to arrive in Karachi. well defiantly that wasn't Musharraf and he also haven't killed Akber Bugti, actually he was killed by his own poeple's in that cave where the military went to arrest him. If the military would have arrested Akber Bugti than many of our Countries biggest names will come up, and no one wants their names to come up, right ?

    This country needs a change and we all know that Musharraf can change Pakistan back to its happy Days. While all the other parties are busy saving their seats and support. Otherwise why everyone in Politics after Musharraf.

    We do need this great last Dictator and our country will be corruption free.

  42. My dear Sir, Clause 2A in Article 6 has been inserted by the last Parliament in the year 2010, it was not there in 1999 and even in 2007

  43. Excellent analysis of the situation. I think CJ should look back how many terrorists have been brought to justice in last five years. What service has he given to the nation to eradicate real terrorism from the land? Is he going to take revenge now from a person who stood against the terrorists. Judiciary must prove their wisdom and should not put the nation in chaos.

  44. Infact no body has any thing concrete against general Musharraf and its pure revenge from those who were taken to task for ruing this country i have never seen such days before in my life as that of Pervaiz Musharraf Allah is with him and we dont have to worry all prayers for him sir.


  46. Very well written Article wiIth sound reasoning.I hope better sense prevail & we should rather Working on peoples Miserable life & providing them relief

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