ECP to set up 641 polling stations in Thatta


The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will set up 641 polling stations to facilitate 6,63,543 registered voters to freely exercise their right of franchise and elect their representatives on two National Assembly (NA) and five Provincial Assembly (PA) seats.
According to ECP, the registered voters, including 3, 59,620 male and 3,03,923 female voters, would elect their candidates for NA-237 (Thatta-1, Thatta and Mirpur Sakro sub-divisions) and NA-238 (Thatta-2, Sujawal sub-division), PS-84 (Thatta Taluka), PS-85 (Mirpur Sakro), PS-86 (Sujawal and Mirpur Bathoro), PS-87 (Jati and Shahbandar) and PS-88 (Gorabari and Ketibundar).
For NA-237 (Thatta-1), 1, 92,935 male and 1, 64,876 female voters would have the right of franchise, while 1, 66,685 male and 1,39,045 female voters would cast their vote for election of candidate to NA-238 (Thatta-2).
The ECP would set up 156 polling stations for 1,55,868 voters of PS-84, 123 polling stations for 1,23,253 voters of PS-85, 142 polling stations for 1,50,446 voters of PS-86, 134 polling stations for 1,45,370 voters of PS-87 and 86 polling stations for 90,606 voters of PS-88.
Furthermore, the ECP had decided to set up a total of 641 polling stations, with 1,732 polling booths to be installed for both male and female voters, for polling on two NA and five PA seats.
Meanwhile, the Election Tribunal have accepted the petition of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) candidate Sadiq Ali Memon and allowed him to contest election on NA-237 (Thatta-1). His nominations papers were earlier rejected on account of him being a dual nationality holder.


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