Don’t ask for votes on the basis of religion or sect: ECP


In a new development on Sunday morning, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) issued new guidelines for candidates and political parties, barring them from seeking votes on the basis of religion or sect, media sources reported.
In addition, the election watchdog banned free transport provision to voters for the May 11 general elections, making it a punishable offence.


  1. This is a good move. Voters should also be wiser to ignore such claims and considerations.

    • If only that would happen! But having lived in Pakistan and seen just how sect etc are used to settle scores and/or get ahead…I have no faith in the hard-pressed electorate.
      Most voters will simply not vote. They have stopped believing in politicians long ago. Only the hardcore will vote and we all know who and what they are.

  2. The ECP must live in a different country from Pakistan. Asking the Religion-Facists not to use sect or religion is like asking the sun not to set i.e. pointless.

    Fact is that religion will be used as always by unscrupulous people to incite hate and get elected.

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