Seven suspects nabbed in Lyari targeted operation


Rangers’ conducted a targeted operation in the metropolis on Saturday and arrested seven suspects.
According to reports, rangers’ raided suspected hideouts in Nawan Line, Dubai Chowk, Ghari Chowk and Cheel
Chowk areas and arrested seven suspects.
Rangers’ personnel entered the narrow streets of Lyari and faced no resistance.
Besides arresting seven suspects, arms were also recovered from the raided locations.


  1. PPP is so Hypocrat that it is “running with the hare and hunting with the hounds”…
    The crime rate in Karachi has increased manifold ever since PPP rose to power in 2008 as its leaders like AbdulQadir Patel and Zulfiqar Mirza have been patronizing the organised criminals of Lyari gangs to indulge in extortions, target killings, car jackings, qabza mafia etc…
    If PPP & it’s inherited leader Zardari are sincere to the people of Karachi, they must abandon the gangsters and help the law enforcement agencies in bringing these criminals to justice.

    When the criminals are caught their patrons & supporters should also caught for aiding in crime.

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