Schools or Wilderness?


Many schools and colleges functioning in IslamabadCapitalTerritory under the regulation of Federal Directorate of Education resemble wilderness more than institutions of learning. Built decades ago, the schools boast of excess vacant lands which overflow with tall grass, bushes and weeds, making walking or playing troublesome for students, Pakistan Today has learnt.

F.GModelSchool for Girls G-7/1 is the prime example of authorities’ non-serious attitude towards education. “We have requested directorate officials many times to resolve the issue, but they never responded properly,” an employee of the school told Pakistan Today. “We have only one gardener, which is not enough. Moreover, we also lack machinery and other resources,” he added.

Similarly, junior model school in G-8/1 is in a debilitated condition. Building is unkempt and one portion is out-of-use. A senior teacher present in the school said, “I do not know what is the procedure for the maintenance…administration knows better, but schools should be in better condition as they play a vital role in children’s grooming.”

Federal Directorate of Education has declared many schools and colleges as model educational institutions. But, these model schools and colleges are also rotting away. According to an official, FDE is managing more than 450 schools, with a total strength of more than 2million. These schools are divided into two parts: rural and urban. The schools described are located in urban areas. “There are a huge number of children who cannot get admission in schools, because of lack of space. Yet every school has large vacant areas where further class rooms can be built since they are just growing bushes and causing pollen allergy,” another teacher present at this school said.

Government appears to discriminate even in the matter of education as schools and colleges in posh sectors of the city are in a much better condition than those present in located in middle or lower middle class areas.

When contacted, director development of the FDE said, “We have a high level meeting regarding these issues tomorrow. Visit us later to get full-fledge and updated information.” It should be noted that with students off on vacations, this perhaps the best time to take the necessary actions.