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No Water for Airport Society

Residents in the area of Airport Housing Society are facing severe water shortages .The authorities have failed to meet the increasing demand of water, forcing the residents to look to alternative solutions, such as water boring, to meet their needs. But that solution too is unlikely to last for long, sources claim.

“The people of Sector 4, sector 3 and FazalTown have been facing severe water shortages as underground water levels get lower and the costs of hiring water tankers go higher,” said Rahim, a resident of the Society.

The local representatives quote financial difficulties being faced by the society as the main reason behind the non-initiation of any water supply project. “Every summer, the residents of Society have to face scarcity of water but the authorities have failed to initiate any project to chalk out a solution,” said Mrs.Sattar, who has been living in the area for the past 5 years. “Last year a tanker cost Rs.500 to Rs.700. This season, the price has shot up to Rs800 to Rs 1,000” said Shakeel Bhatti, who lives in FazalTown.

The water tanker business is operated by people who have dug big tube-wells in their private lands. They sell water to the tankers, who then pass it on to the consumers. But even with increased rates, the demand often exceeds supply, especially during the hotter days. When contacted, an official of the Society, Muhammad Qasim said “The motors of the society tube wells are not functional now-a-days, but the problem will soon be resolved”.

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