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Whites lies

The scion of a prominent family from KP’s (till recently) ruling party recently got married to some girl in the Punjab. Inter-ethnic marriages aren’t uncommon these days but what appeared on the register was how fabulously loaded the family is.The girl’s trousseau jewelry arrived in boxes, with its own set of guards. Yes, almost like those armoured vehicles that banks use. Someone’s certainly been riding the gravy “train.” (hint, hint)What can you say? As the rich get richer…

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So, Fauzia Kasuri was out of the PTI’s inner circle and Dr “In the blue corner, weighing…” Shirin Mazari was in, as was revealed in this very spot a week ago.Following Dr Mazari’s re-entry into the PTI’s planetary orbit, she has been cementing her position further. In fact, she has recently been slotted in as the party’s women reserved seat number one.You know the drill: in the national assembly, parties get a women’s seat for every three they get in the general seats. Now if only somehow the PTI gets three seats…

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The whole 62, 63 drama will grind to a halt once someone brings up mention of a certain girl named Tyrian.Tyrian who? Well, Tyrian White, of course.Ok, since you’re being really slow here, we mean Imran Khan’s daughter. Let’s see if the ECP’s Returning Officers are as much of sticklers for detail then. Ayaz Amir’s praise of Cowasjee’s cellar really does pale in comparison, doesn’t it?Imagine the PTI’s trolls coming out at the cancellation of his papers. (“Nahi nahi, it’s not the same thing.”)Oh yes, it is.