Government officials ‘illegally’ run private taxi stands, earn thousands every month


More than 100 taxi stands are set up in the provincial capital without proper authorisation from concerned authorities, with many using official tickets issued by city district government, causing a heavy loss to public exchequer, Pakistan Today has learnt.

Sources privy to the development maintained that this involves millions of rupees in revenue which should go to the government, but is filling private pockets allegedly in ‘connivance’ with the CDGL authorities.

Sources alleged that concerned authorities are in fact involved in running these ‘private’ stands. Many are also allowed to operate due to political pressure. It was claimed that government officials often themselves collect the revenue for private persons, and on some stands this is done by political parties workers. It should be noted here that these sites are one of the major sources of income for the city district government. Between Rs 50 and Rs 80 is charged from the taxi drivers who park their cabs at these stands, with as many as 150 to 200 taxis are parked at the stands at any given time.

The taxi stands are working in the areas of Minar-e-Pakisatn, Data Shab, FasialTown, Mugalpura, Samnabaad, Thoker Niaz Baig, Gulberg and other adjacent areas of the metropolitan. The contractor standing on the taxi stand of Minar-e-Pakistan told Pakistan Today; “This is the private stand but we are given orders by the government officials to run it. They come and collect the revenue generated. All these tickets which we are using are also given by government officials.”

Taking to Pakistan Today, the a concerned official claimed that the authorities were unaware of such activities and could not be held responsible the actions of certain ‘black sheep’. He added that they would take strict action against the culprits in the near future.


  1. It is a big problem for our nature and with out any authorization we are parking our car beside the road or any where which is very bad. I hope your concept is succeed to change the most of the people review and I hope you'll get more response for your nice attention 🙂

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