Wikileaks shows AJK as part of Pakistan, no LoC


Whistleblower website Wikileaks made Indian government and its media upset by showing Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) as part of Pakistan in its recently released global map.

According to Indian media reports, published on Tuesday, there was no mention of the Line of Control on the map released by Wikileaks, as is the common practice to refer to the two sides of LoC as India-controlled Kashmir and Pakistan-controlled Kashmir.

The interactive map was released by Wikileaks yesterday to help people search into it’s 1.7 million cables in a user-friendly manner.

The Indian Embassy in Washington protested the authorities for goof up, what they believed, and demanded their desire of representation of the international boundary.

Though on its website, Wikileaks has said that the map was created using country boundary lines of 1975.


    • dear you don't have any right to occupy a place its the right if Kashmirs what they want if you are a free man so they are also a free people

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