Four cops, SHO tortured in Defence


Four policemen, including the Gizri Police Station Station House Officer (SHO) Suhail Ahmed, were tortured by the security guards of an influential political leader’s relatives in Defence area on Tuesday.
According to sources, a police team was attacked and tortured when it arrived in Gizri after getting the information of a clash between two rival groups. The cops, after reaching the area, tried to take the culprits to the police station but instead of proceeding with them, they tortured the policemen, including SHO Suhail.
The injured SHO and policemen, including Farid, Dilawar and Muhammad Aslam, were shifted to a local hospital to undergo medical treatment.
Later, superintendent of police issued a statement saying that the guards of Sardar Sanaullah Zehri and Captain (r) Shehryar Durrani have been arrested for assaulting the policemen.


  1. Intolerable. A Police officer in Uniform should be respected as a symbol of justice but sadly the uniform has been degraded by its misuse both by its wearers and by powerful citizens. The law of the jungle prevails especially in Karachi. Lesser beasts are devoured by the greater or more savage ones.

    A large proportion of Karachi, nay, Sind Police is badly riddled with abuse of power, graft and nepotism or has divided loyalties towards powerful individuals and to the Law. This does not mean that the accused should escape facing the full brunt of law, sadly this will not happen. Influential criminals are getting away with daylight murder let alone slapping a few cops.

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