Babar dismisses Shahbaz Sharif’s allegations


Spokesman to President Asif Zardari on Saturday dismissed allegations by Shahbaz Sharif that the Presidency was behind any move to declare him a loan defaulter.
Farhatullah Babar said the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was an independent institution and was not under any obligation to take directions from the Presidency.
He said the Presidency had nothing to do with any information that NAB may or may not give to the Election Commission of Pakistan under the law.
“Any insinuation that seems to drag the Presidency into election related partisan issues is unfortunate and uncalled for,” he said.
The spokesman said the Presidency was not involved in partisan political activity and its only interest and concern was that free and fair elections were held in a level playing field, in which voters were able to elect who they wish to see as their representatives.


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