Colleges constructed for ghosts waiting for students


Three colleges of the metropolitan have been left deserted for more than a decade, thus depriving thousands of students of education, who otherwise could have made a positive change in society in these testing times.
According to a local news paper, three college buildings in Ibrahim Hyderi have remained in a non-functional state, while the same were inaugurated and completed by different governments by utilising several hundred thousand rupees of taxpayers’ money. Currently, these buildings were now being used by drug addicts as den and have also become sanctuaries for dogs, mice and termites.
Per details, Government Boys Degree College’s foundation stone was laid in 1996 during the late Benazir Bhutto’s second tenure. The building was completed after two decades.
“Work on the school would stop and begin after many intervals when the locals would protest on the streets,” said a social activist of the area, Kamal Shah.
Shah said that about six months back some politicians inaugurated the colleges spread over acres of land, but the very next day the college suddenly closed down.
Meanwhile, Government Girls College’s construction was completed six years ago, but the college was not opened for admissions.
The college had a double-storey building that included 15 rooms.
Beside the girls’ college was another empty building which was supposed to be a technical college for boys
Sources in the Sindh Education Department said that the officials concerned were aware of the situation, but they refused to do anything in this regard.


  1. Pretty sad news here and government officials must need to pay some attention while bringing improvements in the same manner as mentioned here with such kind of the bad history over a decade in the past.

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