Billions held up with aspiring lawmakers


The State Bank of Pakistan on Wednesday forwarded a list of loan defaulters to the Election Commission of Pakistan, which is currently scrutinizing the credentials of aspirants for national and provincial assemblies in the coming elections.

Noted among the names are three former federal ministers who owe millions to the various banks.

PPP leader Ahmed Mukthar owes Rs 13 billion to four banks.

Haroon Bilour owes over Rs 20 million, PTI’s Jahangir Tareen owes Rs 407 million, while ANP’s Ghulam Ahmed Bilour owes Rs 4.5 million to commercial banks.



    • thanks basit for ur clearance.. shame on all person jo baghair tasdeek k laaan taan shuru ker daitay hen

  1. Why is this false news still posted online ? Does this site have no journalistic integrity ?

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