Ufone launches Summer Internship Program


Following the success of its Summer Internship Program (SIP) 2012, Ufone the most popular telecom company of Pakistan, is now re-launching the program for 2013. SIP 2013 will commence in April at national level with campus drives being held across the country during which students will have to take a test and give an interview for final selection. The campus drives will be held in all major universities in cities including Islamabad, Sawabi, Lahore and Karachi. Individuals have to be students of Bachelor’s program (6th or 7th semester) or students of Master’s program; possessing a minimum CGPA of 2.5 or above and currently not employed in any company with no more than 3-6 months of work experience. The Summer Internship Program provides a unique and rare opportunity to the talented youth of Pakistan to work in a professional and dynamic setting. The program builds on the success from industry best practices, while adding a little bit of the Ufone flair to the mix. Interns selected through this program will get exposure to real-time projects for a period of 6-8 weeks.


  1. How to Apply?

    Ufone has said that it will send details on applying to the Summer Internship Program to the universities hence students can check with their respective departments for their selection.

  2. i am not from above mentioned cities… i am a student of bahauddin zakariya university sahiwal and want to be a part of this internship program … is it possible?

    • if there is any franchise of ufone so it is possible . and if there is no any one franchise so u can apply for this at your nearest city. where ufone franchise available

  3. plz tell about the right way to apply in this difficult programm???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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