Six out of seven X-rays machines at Services Hospital out of order


Six out of seven X-rays machines have been out of order in Service Hospital for the last two months, hospital sources said on Sunday.

According to sources, two CT-scan machines, one at Outdoor Patients Department (OPD) and the other at the basement, are also out of order which were repaired one month ago. Six out of total seven X-rays machines are out of order in the hospital. One machine at main X-Ray Block is working which may also go out of order due to the extra burden. Most patients have to get X-rays done from private laboratories where they are charged Rs 400 per film as compared to hospital charges of Rs 100.

Mostly poor patients visit the public sector hospital which now is going out of their reach. Patients in the hospital appealed to high-ups of the health department to take notice of the situation. When contacted, a hospital official said they were unable to repair the machines due to shortage of funds.


  1. This looks like fault in the system.
    How the hosp is run? By beurocrat or by technical people in that dept?
    First responsibility must be fixed for this kind of bad situation and some heads need to be fired and sent home.

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