Encroachments turning Aabpara, Melody into ugly markets


Residents who visit Aabpara and Melody markets are facing immense problems due to increasing encroachments, poor sewerage system, and lack of parking facilities.

The two markets are the oldest and busiest business centres in the city, but are now causing immense difficulties for shoppers and traders.

The encroached pavements have made it hard for visitors to walk through the narrow corridors of these markets, while dangling electricity wires threaten life and property of traders and shoppers alike.

The civic authorities have turned a blind eye to the plight of these markets which are situated in the heart of the capital.

Talking to APP, a number of visitors criticised the authorities for not taking any action against the shopkeepers who had encroached upon the corridors and footpaths.

Naveed Abbasi, a visitor, said it had become a nuisance to shop at Melody and Aabpara markets.

“I live in G-6 and it is convenient for me to shop in these markets but they are in a very poor condition, making it hard for me to continue shopping here,” he said.

He said shopkeepers and vendors had encroached upon the pavements, making it hard for people to move around and shop comfortably.

“Shopkeepers allow encroachers to occupy space in front of their shops, as they get money in return,” he added.

Mian Sarfraz, another shopper, complained about bad sanitary conditions of the markets.

“Sewage keeps on gushing out of drains and staining clothes of the visitors. Every time I visit the market, I have to pass pounds of stinky water which obstructs the movement of visitors,” he said.

Lack of car parking is another major problem being confronted by visitors, who have to wait for long periods to get parking space for their vehicles. “It takes a lot of time to roam around and find a place for parking,” said Saleem, a motorist.

Citizens appealed to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to remove encroachments, and built a new car parking areas around Aabpara and Melody markets.