Lavish spending, rampant corruption make PIA a burden on the national exchequer


Massive corruption, malpractices, nepotism and lavish spending by the high ups has made PIA a burden on the national exchequer. Moreover, blackmailing of female members of the cabin crew has also become a routine.

The automatic roster system which was purchased at the cost of 250 million rupees is not in a working condition and routes and flights were being selected via a manual roster.

As per law, every crewmember can apply for his or her deployment on duty in specific flights once every three months, and repeated deployment of any crew member on one station is not allowed. However, this law has been defied blatantly during the last two years and the blue-eyed were being assigned to 10 flights within a year and were being detailed on the same route repeatedly. This practice has led to the involvement of certain crew members in illegal activities.

On the other hand, access of common members of crew to such flights has been made impossible. This way they had to suffer heavily in terms of financial gains and some elements were reaping undue benefit through corruption and connivance. These favorites even do not perform their duties on domestic flights as per the roster and therefore domestic flights were usually operating with less crew.

No facilities are being provided to passengers on domestic flights. As per an estimate, scheduling and planning department of PIA flights services is distributing 30 percent hours of total international flights among 150 crew members.

This injustice has added to the mental agony of a majority of the crew members. The complaint of this inequitable distribution of hours has been presented with full documentary evidence to PIA’s chairman, flight services director and flight services general manager but the management seems to have to intention to solve the matter.



    thats the only solution. There is so much unjust amonst crew roasters. Karachi takes up all the shares and seniors sitting in elswhere get peanuts.
    JUST WANT A NAYA PAKISTAN WITH A NAYEE PIA. Its a beautiful airline and lots of dedicated and hardworking staff that needs oppertunity to rebuild this ship with hard work and honesty.

  2. The way pia treats its passengers is outrageous, passengers from the uk pay more to go to Pakistan then they would to India yet India is further away . The service you get from cabin crew is nothing short of a disgrace, meals are like hospital food, and the planes are old and unreleliable, the pilots may have fake aviation licenses, go on emirates and see the service you receive, I would love to use the national carrier but it should be scrapped and a new one set up with everyone re applying for their jobs.

  3. Like all public sector corporations, PIA also requires reengineering of its operations. We must not sell off our national assets to please or reward our buddies. Its the Chief Executive of a corporation who makes or breaks an organization. So, bring in real competent, honest, and progressive chief executives in public sector organizations with fixed tenure of office, authority and security of life and property to turn around his organization and start making progress and profits.

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    Good Governance Forum
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