Will never take oath from Asif Ali Zardari: Imran Khan


Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf said on Tuesday that he would never take oath from President Asif Ali Zardari if his party won the next general elections.

Talking to media along with Nawab of Bahawalpur Salauddin here, Khan said: “I will never take oath from Asif Ali Zardari.”

Khan also announced that PTI and Bahawalpur National Awami Party has reached an understanding over electoral alliance.

He said that his party now has only those workers who committed to PTI’s ideology while thanking PML’s (N) Nawaz Sharif for taking within his party’s fold all the opportunists leaving PTI with only ideological workers.

While criticizing the previous government, Khan said that rulers have destroyed the country’s system, adding PTI has carefully drafted its manifesto to build a new Pakistan.

He said PTI would not only resolve the issue of power loadshedding in the next five years but will also reduce electricity charges.

PTI chief said that after successful show of strength in Lahore over the weekend, his party will now hold a similar rally in Mingora soon.


    • And I think he would prove to be one of the last presidents of a parliamentary government ~

  1. Imran bhai! We appreciate your stand and wish you nothing but victory in the forthcoming election. To be fair, the people must also give you a chance for governance just as they gave others. It is also a fact that among all the alternatives, you seem to present the best hope, although sometimes your instant turn-around promises do create a sense of disbelief. However your sincerity of thought and solemnity of willingness to really change systems are beyond doubt.

    • That's the whole idea . Willingness to change things is more important than ,instant turn around . Everybody has a tragic flaw . LET this be be Imran's ~

  2. Khan sah'b I was a massive supporter of yours until you made an "agreement" or alliance with JI – the illiterate mullahs who said clearly in an interview that raped women should stay quiet! Whats your next alliance – taliban whom JI supports? You have lost my vote until you renounce any sort of relationship with fundo parties like JI and stand up for women's rights in this country. Thank you. Separation of state from religion is essential for a country to develop. You always cite western democracies as examples of success – you forget to mention that they separeted church from state then took off to reach the skies. Religion is personal matter – it should be left there not for a gov't to impose. The current state of our non-muslim citizens (minorities is a derogatory word) should be clear example of how disastrous harking on religion non-stop can be for a nation. KHUDA Haafiz! From a Sunni muslim and a patriot!

    • State can't be seperated from religion . " Juda ho din sayasat sye to ; reh jati hae changezi " ~

      • Phir ruloo beht isee halat main. Quaid e Azam never envisioned a sharia state – Pakistan was meant to be a secular state for the muslim MINORITY of India. people like you have destroyed what this beautiful country could have become in the name of a religion you don't even understand! thats the truly sad part!

    • Continuation of the last thread,,,,And from now on I am part PMLN, because they take care of me ,,and what ever they do is OK ….

  3. then you have a natural alliance with Jamat e Islami, in Punjab at least. Tabdeeli Mubarak Ho!

  4. He should be more realistic, if he wins, which he will, Inshallah. He has to take oath from President and president is Zardari

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