Enough with fake degree holders: CJP





Stating that elections would not be allowed to be delayed in any way, the Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday directed the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to initiate proceedings against fake degree holders within two days per law, besides summoning details of the cases against fake degree holders from subordinate courts.

The remarks came during hearing of cases regarding misuse of public funds in upcoming polls and about implementation of parliamentarians’ fake degree case.

A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry took up for hearing the fake degree implementation case on Tuesday.

The CJP said, “No one should remain under any delusion. Those contesting the election will be subjected to all types of scrutiny. Why action has not been taken against fake degree holders so far? No other matter can be of more public interest than this. Why are names of candidates not being published? Voters should have all information about their respective candidates. Enough is enough. No corrupt elements will be allowed to go to parliament. Fake degree holders have not only deceived the nation but also made a mockery of their mandate. Such elements don’t deserve any leniency.”

ECP Secretary Ishtiaq Ahmad appeared in the court and said action was underway against fake degree holders and matters in this regard had entered the final phase. “Verification process in respect of degrees of 1,170 public representatives who had participated in 2008 general election was initiated and 68 degrees were declared bogus, 27 degrees were found in order and the matters related to 34 degrees are still pending. Cases of eight people are pending with district and sessions judges so far,” he said.

He prayed the court to allow another two days to ECP in connection with verification of degrees and initiation of action against fake degree holders.


The court allowed the request, saying it was the right of all citizens and voters to seek access to all information under Article 19. Nomination paper be posted at websites and mode of websites should be simple.

The court directed registrars of all the four high courts and Islamabad High Court to send details of the action taken against the fake degree holders besides filing the reply on why proceedings against the fake degree holders had not  been initiated  as yet.

The court also heard another petition filed by Dr Mubashar Hassan on transparency in elections and prevention of misuse of public funds.

Azhar Siddique advocate appeared on behalf of Dr Mubashar Hassan and took the plea that it was essential that pre-polls rigging of all kinds be curbed before commencement of election to ensure transparency.

“Federal and provincial governments are indulging in pre-polls rigging by committing serious lapses and spending the national exchequer extravagantly. They must be restrained from doing so,” he prayed.

The court told the lawyer that his petition had several typing mistakes due to which the meaning of the petition was not being clear.

The counsel for petitioner requested the court to allow him time until Wednesday to correct the mistakes.

The court remarked, “If your petition is aimed at causing delay in elections, we may not extend any help to you in this matter.”

The CJP said the elections were around the corner and their schedule had been issued.

“The people have started receiving nomination papers to contest the elections. Such petitions can create difficulties. Any delay will not be allowed in the general elections in any way. Dr Tahirul Qadri’s petition was dismissed for the very reason. Obviously it was considered that the petition can lead to delay in holding of polls”.

The court adjourned the hearing of the petition until today, directing the petitioner to re-file it after removing the mistakes.


  1. CJ please who are we fooling here, these members and ministers have already spend 5 years in assemblies, most of them dont stand a chance to win next elections due to own sheer incompetence. Given that what will your 5 year disqualification do to them now?

    Degrees if desired, can be verified withing 1 or 2 days time, what took it so long? or are we saving some grace here? just like NRO swiss case, only wrote letter when case was statue barred on time basis.

    • Indeed! Pure dramay bazi by the CJ (HERE is another example: The old "missing person commission" report was completed and promised over three years ago — it too has since gone missing)

      I have NO doubts CJ, Kiyani, and PML-N are all part of Zardari's team. Would you not agree this five years of wholesale banditry would not have been possible without all of them working in tandem? Oh and here is a PROUD confession from one of these chief justices (while ADMITTING it has been a rule by thieves(see subhead):
      Without Judiciary's Protection, Government Would Not Have Been Able To Complete Five Years: CJ PHC

      To add to your point, let me offer you this latest offering from CJ IMC:
      SC orders action against fake degree holders in 2 days

      Now if he believes this process can be completed in TWO DAYS, why didn't he order it sooner, instead of sitting on it for FIVE YEARS?????? 😉

  2. Khokar, I agree 100% with u r comments, remember they are all one, some are wearing sheep skin and some are donkey, you look after my back I will look after your, including CJ , he is just trying to fool 190 millions of Paki sheep ?

  3. This is all topi drama. SC sat on all these cases for years and now that the govt's term is over they want to come out as heroes. Shame on them for trying to fool the nation.

  4. This is a massive problem as most of the politicians are corrupt & illiterate. I hope they are all terminated & subsequently brought to trial for their lies & corrupt practices. Starting with Zardari

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